ÆPT as a flag

The letter-string “ÆPT” is only a spelling space saving, diversely derivable acronymic flag, descriptor, name, and qualifier. 

ÆPT is raised and waved so flexibly (by and at the pleasure of the sole owner of ÆIMC Internetional Ptd. Lty.) that it sometimes is abbreviated to "EPT" when used as a qualifier inside or at the end of some words with suitable spelling.​ 


Rest assured that "ÆPT" is diversely derivable enough to stand for a large enough assortment of appropriately descriptive word-strings, except of course not for unflattering ones.


Please beware that all imaginable unflattering derivations of "ÆPT" (and of EPT) are unaccEPTable!

UnrecEPTive or inEPT visitors to this website may benefit from the use of "ÆPT" (or EPT) as a qualifier because it will tend to be perceived (by such persons) as an intolerably facetious provocation. This way, ÆPT (as a flag) will tend to protect such ill-prepared and unpercEPTive people by being mercifully off-putting to them.