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An "ALQ-hole"  (also defined here) is a fun (but also seriously ÆPT) metaphor for a central (non-sensory) sector of an actention module (especially a distress-driving actention module) that is kept from firing, or that fires significantly less frequently, because its excitatory receptors are being blocked by messages arriving arriving from an inhibitory interneuron, or because a presynaptic (directly upstream) excitatory neuron has become sufficiently silenced by pre or post synaptic inhibitory input.

In other words, an 'ALQ-hole' refers to metabolically muted state (a hiatus of metabolic hecticness) of neurons that are the central components of an actention module that is prevented from relaying excitatory neural messages as the result of a reflexive, typically "selective unconsciousness" rendering, response initiated as soon as a neural ASSS has automatically assessed that it has ended up under a (by defintion always circumstantial) threat of "Specific Hibernation"  (SH) imploring type.

An ALQ-hole can also be thought of as a stretch of a neural road(s) that is got blocked from being travelled on by excitatory messages destined to drive a maladaptive response of distress-type — a response that by ÆPT definition is maladaptive during an ended up under SH imploring threat.


In fewer words, an ALQ-hole is a consequence of a CURSES having been caused by any (for any reason, and from tardily to speedily, ended up under) SH-imploring threat.

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