An "ALQ-hole" is a twisted (but fun and after all nonetheless ÆPT) metaphor for a neuron that does not fire or fires significantly less frequently because enough of its excitatory receptors has been blocked by post synaptic inhibition from an inhibitory interneuron, or because a presynaptic (directly upstream) excitatory neuron has become sufficiently silenced by 'presynaptic' inhibition. 

In other words, an 'ALQ-hole' refers to a precisely localized hiatus in (or induced reflexive blockage of) the synaptic relay (synaptic transmission) of excitatory neural messages as part of an "selective unconsciousness rendering" reflexive conditioned-in (non-Pavlovian) response initiated as soon as a neural ASSS has assessed that it has ended up under a circumstantial threat of "SHI type".

As such, an ALQ-hole can also be thought of as a precisely localized (within a neural ASSS) blockage of a synaptic gateway to maladaptive distress — a response of distress-type that would by definition be maladaptive during an originally ended up under SH imploring threat. However, it would also be maladaptive in most but not all subsequent lifetime settings, depending on individual ASSSs' self-regulatory capacity relative to the severity of their life-history of survived (no longer under) genuine "SHI threat" (and corresponding accumulation of genuine CURSES).