RAT neurons

RAT neurons is a concEPT of importance in the ÆPT meaning (simple ditto definition) of consciousnessT


The concEPT (ÆPT notion) refers to excitatory neurons of Reticular Activating Type" (conventionally called "the ascending reticular activating system") that contribute a basic and most essential  energizing background to all levels of consciousnessT. 


RAT neurons are excitatory neurons that typically have diffuse axonal projections and they typically fire in a relatively inert and tonic fashion (i.e. respond inertly — in a slow to wound up and wound down manner).


And those of them that play a most fundamental life-maintaining role would of course fire continuously (or most regularly).

A relevant general reference:



Of all the concEPTs that I somewhat deliberately contrived — did using a somewhat strategically applied method of sem_antics (ÆPT philosophizing facilitating wordplay) —  with an aim to express them as mirth-inspiring and as far as possible also appropriately or 'deservedly'  allusive acronyms, RAT-neurons is the least appropriately allusive concEPTs; Actually, it is not even in the slightest appropriately allusive. However, it became mirth-inspiring! 

While "RAT neurons" is a concEPTs that completely lack any possiblity of being expressed as an aptly allusive acronym, it does suit being classed as one of the 3 concEPTs that exemplify 'SEPTIC (or SÆPTIC) humor'.  

​​The function of RAT neurons in our brains (concEPTualised as neural actention selection serving system) is meant to be seen as partnered with neurons of "sensory specific type (S-type) functionality.

​S-type excitatory neurons typically have axons that terminate on relatively few target neurons, and they typically respond and fire phasically (in short bursts). 


With non-vital RAT neurons rendered silent we could not pay anything but fleeting actentions — if that, and the qualities and levels of consciousnessT that we subjectively know exist would, by ÆPT definition, would not come into existence in brainspacetime.

In other words:
What would not take place without RAT neurons are the particular patterns of neurometabolic and neuroelectric activity that correlate with by individuals subjectively experienced states that emerge in brainspacetime and that are nearly always sloppily (but conventionally) referred to with the notion of "consciousness".