The serious ÆPT meaning of "Max ALQ-wholesomeness"

"Max ALQwholesomeness" is meant to be understood based on the subjectivity-snubbing definition of a maximum of Absolute Life Quality

The definition explains that max ALQ {ALQ-wholesomeness}* is:
A state that ideally exists within a developing or mature neural or brainy animal's neural "actention selection serving system" [minimally truncated to ASSS, and maximally to AS] if no synaptic "ALQ-holes" exist in it.

There are two kinds of ideal prerequisites for an individual having "max ALQwholesomeness". 

One of these is that such an "ideal individual" would never have been challenged by a for any reason ended up under threat of *"specific/synaptic 'hibernation' (SH) imploring" type.

The other kind of ideal prerequisite is that all CURSES incurred from SHI-type threats would ideally have to be 'dispelled'; That is, all ALQ-holes inside an individual's brain (or ASSS) would have to have been 'filled in' (the synapses as far as possible restored to the 'pre-traumatized' state that existed before SHI imploring threat 'put' a corresponding CURSES inside its ASSS.

A fully blown "ALQholism" is a state of in-dEPTh understanding and appreciation (by ALQholists) of the ÆPT dogma.


"ALQholism" can also serve as an entertaining pointer to the subjectivity snubbing ÆPT understanding and definition of "max ALQwholesomeness". 

It should be fairly obvious that: ALQholism is an only on its the surface decEPTively silly-looking expression; And that it was conceived and steeped in a spirit of 'antiSEPTIC humor.'

An ALQ-hole is a twisted (but fun and after all nonetheless ÆPT) metaphor for a neuron that does not fire or fires significantly less frequently because enough of its excitatory receptors has been blocked by post synaptic inhibition from an inhibitory interneuron, or because a presynaptic (directly upstream) excitatory neuron has become sufficiently silenced by a 'presynaptic' inhibitory function. 

In other words, an ALQ-hole refers to a precisely localized hiatus in the synaptic relay (synaptic transmission) of excitatory neural messages as part of an automatic response initiated as soon as a neural ASSS has assessed that it has ended up under a circumstantial threat of "SHI type".

As such, an ALQ-hole can also be thought of as a within a neural ASSS precisely localized blockage of a synaptic gateway to maladaptive distress — a response of distress-type that would by definition be maladaptive during an originally ended up under SH imploring threat; However, it would also be maladaptive in most but not all subsequent lifetime settings, depending on individual ASSSs' self-regulatory capacity relative to the severity of their life-history's survived (no longer under) SHI-threat come CURSES. 


The excitatory messages being kept blocked by intraneural or interneural inhibitory functures in response to an acutely ended up under SHIT (i.e. a sensed circumstantial threat of SHI type) are the same as those that are generated by the excitatory core of a correspondingly incurred CURSES.

(A CURSES is the ÆPT concept — or concEPT — for the primarily insidious conditioned-in state that is automatically left behind in the ASSS of an neural individual who has survived a SHI threat).

As if to complicate this simple schematic ÆPT picture, ALQ-holes (or neural information-flow blocking states specific to survived SHI-threats and to corresponding non-dispelled CURSES) can also form as a result of non-genuine SHI threats whose receptive field(s) are involving sufficiently many of the same sensory (interoceptive as well as exteroceptive) neurons as a prior genuine SHIT. By the same token, non-genuine CURSES can also be 'put' or incurred. 

An "ALQ-hole" loosely refers to a synaptically blocked (or by post- or presynaptic inhibition hindered) transmission of excitatory neural messages that represent threats or predicaments or ordeals of SHI type.

In the absence of a sufficiently effective SH response a mal-adaptive distress-type response will result.

I some cases of adult enough humans with the kind of implicit memories that are ÆPTly referred to as CURSES, their ALQ-wholesomeness can be significantly improved to the extent that their CURSES can be 'dispelled' spontaneously or through a deliberately applied 're-self-regulatory' strategy.

Such spontaneous self-regulation can only take place in some rarely present sufficiently safe and otherwise conducive social-environmental settings. 


This kind of re-self-regulatory ('post traumatic state disolving') response can also take place in cases of individuals who has learned about and/or gained a sufficiently deep understanding of the essence of proper "primal therapy".


Proper Primal Therapy is a systematized, theoretically underpinned optimal facilitation of this kind of CURSES dispelling re-self-regulatory response.

Primal therapeutic self-healing involves so called "primaling"; that is a paying of a fullest and deepest possible actention to past SHI threats internally preserved as corresponding CURSES.

The primal process must not be pushed but occur very gradually because of the perilous nature/potential of CURSES.

The most easily accessed past 'SHI-threats conserved as CURSES' are in near enough all cases those in respect of which a distressful response got automatically postponed at a time nearest to the present. 

SHI-threats are by far most commonly ended up under during the most immature/self-helpless and needy early stages of our lives. These early on incurred CURSES are also typically the most dangerous if opened up to fully and too soon. 

Therefore, primal self-healing should start with us reconnecting with and paying emotionally charged actention to (with becoming fully consciousT of) the meaning encoded by the neurons at the excitatory sensory-motivational core of our most recently incurred/accumulated CURSES.

​Human individuals/populations would benefit primarily from society-wide increases of ALQ but, as a flow-on effect, also populations of domesticated animals would have their average degree of Absolute Life Quality increased.


If this far fetched philanthropic (here not meant in any financial sense, and not just for a lack of funds) aim of ÆIMC — i.e. to put the concEPT of ALQ (one contrived and steeped in a spirit of antiSEPTIC humor) to political use — cannot be realized then this concEPT might perhaps instead be used as an exquisitely polemic teaser. ;-}