The 2 sorts of ÆPT humor

That ÆPT has been a to a significant extent MAD-inspired explanatory philosophical project explains much of how and why parts of ‘the ÆPT output’ became injected and fertilized with SEPTIC humor[ed concEPTualizing].

But not to worry, it also led to concEPTs steeped in a perfectly nice and quasi-counterbalancing — and reflective of a fairly philanthropically oriented outlook on ourselves — spirit of antiSEPTIC humor.

No high hopes of turning these nicely humorous explanatory concEPTs into palpably beneficial realpolitik are ÆPTly held.

However, the author and proper owner of the ©opiously written ÆPT, and the person whose ÆIMC it is, would very much enjoy getting to the point of using some of these ÆPT concepts for achieving enjoyable polemic triumphs when making some politically relevant ÆPT points. 😈