CURSES or "a CURSES" — same ÆPT spelling in singular — denotes a primarily insidious conditioned-in endogenous source of motivation (or co-motivation) that we are typically unaware of because it chronically entails the engagement of our brains' pain gating and fear filtering synaptic signal-transmission blocking functions (involving inhibitory neurotransmitters). 

What the acronym is derived from is not set in stone. But the concEPT approximately stands for a with MAD-inspired intent almost eclectically pieced together word-string; and in its acronymic form it cannot be made any shorter whilst maintaining enough of its aimed for meaning. The word-string the concEPT stands for is, approximately: "Conditioned[-in and chronically kept] Unconscious Reverberative (or repercussive) State (or states) Effecting Symptoms".

The spelling of CURSES can also be approximately derived from and explained as a "conditioned-in unconscious state/endogenous source of excitatory sensory-motivational signals that are prevented from being synaptically relayed by inhibitory functions responsible for what is ÆPTly described as "specific/(post-)synaptic hibernation" and abbreviated to SH.

In other words, "a CURSES" refers to both 

1. an automatically conditioned-in and durably sensitized state of sensory neurons that originally detected a circumstantial 'CURSES putting' threatand 

2. our brains' capacity to preempt a would-be maladaptive 'distress-type' response to such a threat by delaying or in many cases indefinitely postponing such a response.

Apropos "a circumstantial CURSES-putting threat": 

CURSES is one of two concEPTs that in tandem provide people with an ÆPT option to relieve themselves of typically having no choice other than relying on the tacky Freudian terminology for analysing/talking/writing about what is left behind in brains by circumstantial threats (particular environmental perils or for any reasons ended up in predicaments or ordeals) that  "traumatize" (does so at least psychologically). 

The other concEPT (one that together with CURSES allow people to relieve themselves of the meaning-muddling etymology pertaining to the word "trauma") is likewise expressible as an appropriately allusive ÆPT acronym; except this acronym is allusive in a SEPTIC humored way and most 'distinKtly' so. In other words, this complementary (to CURSES) concEPT was contrived to make it possible to denote genuinely traumatizing threats with a MAD-inspired acronymic expression that such threats very much deserve to be labeled and referred to with. 

The concEPT in question is "Specific/synaptic ~Hibernation~ Imploring", or "SHI", for short.

What any genuine, for any reasons ended up under, and for long enough survived threat of SHI-type automatically leaves behind is an aftermath that deserves to be called a CURSES because it commonly festers.


However, it is unique to us humans that among all the symptoms that CURSES can generate or co-motivate some are adaptive behaviors whereby environmentally presented challenges of opportunity type get exploited. This our uniqueness is ÆPTly referred to by the concEPT "EAVASIVE" and also by the concEPT of "ambiadvantageous(ly adaptive) mutations".

The pragmatically contrived portmanteau word "ambiadvantageous" is used near the beginning of the spelling of EAVASIVE (an even more pragmatically contrived concEPT). 


The "EAV" portion of EAVASIVE approximately stands for Evolved Ambiadvantageous Verbal. 

"PTSDs" (post traumatic stress disorders) is the expression/euphemism/platitude that is by far most commonly used for referring to symptoms of CURSES that typically are readily recognized and obviously debilitating. 

It is apt that CURSES alludes to threats lurking inside brains — because the concEPT reflects that all such conditioned-in states are primarily threats.


However, it is likewise apt (and ÆPT) to recognize that CURSES can and do in many cases provide co-motivational fuel for adaptive actentions; That is, adaptive endeavours/pursuits/travail or preoccupations — and typically dogged or even fanatic such.


CURSES do also commonly effect somatic symptoms but only symptoms deserving of being put in the 'disease category'.   

It is ÆPT to consider that CURSES effect symptoms from within our EAVASIVE brains — i.e. from within our Evolved, Ambiadvantageous, Verbal Actention Systems [neural systems incorporating various electrochemical/molecular functures such as, amongst much else but here both instructive and crucially helpful to the aim of creating a somewhat complete looking acronymic concEPT, endogenous opiate-like inhibitory neurotransmitters.

The entirely automatic synaptic relay blocking inhibitory functions that permit the preservation and accumulation of CURSES are of course not in every respect uniquely human but have evolved to exist to some extent also in all other sufficiently neural animals. 

The simple fact that environmentally present and procreation promoting if successfully exploited factors [ÆPTly referred to as evolutionary pressures/lifetime challenges of opportunity type, or simply as opportunities] have in the phylogeny of fauna naturally tended to naturally select in combination (often in situational overlap) with pressures/challenges in the form of insidiously threatening CURSES.

The ÆPTly recognized fact that "Opportunity type" selection pressures have to a very significant extent naturally selected in overlap with SHI type threats and, possibly even more importantly, that environmental evolutionary Opportunities have overlapped with the chronic aftermath of CURSES (that survived SHI threats still leave inside neural actention selection serving systems) amounts to an ÆPT principle that has played out to an unique extent in the phylogeny of us folk.

This principle (or 'ÆPT heuristic') is an only to animal evolution pertaining tendency (i.e. it is only relevant to the phylogeny of Fauna, not of Flora). But again, it is a tendency that has been by far most especially (if not uniquely) significant in our the phylogeny of us folk. 

The principle if implied in the ÆPT notion of "EAVASIVE".

The 'principle itself' might be tentatively referred to as a Naturally Selective prioritization of ambiadvantageous mutations and ditto traits.

For example, EAVASIVE is put to ÆPT use as a pointer to that "we humans are the by far most ambiadvantageously adapted (and most potently EAVASIVE) species on the planet because of the ambiadvantageous mutation that our hominine ancestors pioneered and that made them more able to exploit and realize potentially procreation promoting Opportunities than were their siblings and cousins who did not carry and express these mutations.

The ambiadvantageous mutations were typically momentous (selective sweep causing) pleiotropic mutations that conferred a new or extra capacity to cope and reproduce through paying actention pertinently — i.e. doing so in a way that exploited opportunities in the presence of SHI-threats and more especially in the presence (internally) of insidious CURSES.

What is unique about us humans is the exceptional extent to which we can exploit environmental opportunities because of how our brains (ASSSs) safely enough synaptically sequester excitatory neural messages from the core of CURSES that would otherwise be destined to in most situations drive a mal-adaptive distress-type response, this while meanwhile relevant forms of neural plasticity as if enables a siphoning-off of action potentials (generated at the cores of CURSES) into directions where these action potentials end up co-motivating EAVASIVE focuses/paying of actention. 

That is, in our relatively recent phylogeny it began to be possible for excitatory neural messages generated by neurons at the core of CURSES to be rerouted and for such signals to be use as a co-motivating fuel for EAVASIVEly (~ambiadvantageously) adaptive ways of behaving.

It might be worth repeating that the exceptionally EAVASIVE character of us humans resulted from ambiadvantageous mutations on a general functional background of neural plasticity — one that made possible the funnelling or rerouting of excitatory messages from the core of CURSES to act as a co-motivational fuel for sometimes successfully opportunity-exploiting preoccupations.

Inhibitory SH functions sequester the excitatory core of CURSES.


The same inhibitory functions are what keeps "implicit memories" [or neural "imprints"] made by SHI type [~"traumatizing"] threats adaptively disconnected from being able to switch on an in most post-SHIT settings mal-adaptive distress-specific (distress-manifesting) actention module.




Now some brief recapping!🤪: 

CURSES is a concEPT that refers to what is automatically left behind ('put' or incurred) in the brain (ASSS) of us and of other 'neural enough' animals when we for any reason end up and under, but sooner or later get out of, a not just SH imploring (but SH inducing hence sometimes survived) — lest we would not have gotten out alive) situation.

Any survived and no longer under SHI-type threat has by definition automatically left behind (or as if 'put') a CURSES.


CURSES tend to compromise (restrict) the awareness that a thus insidiously challenged ASSS is capable of.

"CURSES" is the shortest possible aptly allusive acronymic spelling/abbreviation of approximately: Conditioned-in {commonly chronically kept} Unconscious{ly} Reverberating State Effecting {EAVASIVE & somatic} Symptoms.

Post-SHI-threat circumstances in people's lives are usually not conducive to making use of the possibility of dispelling (i.e. a healing/self-regulatory re-experiencing of past SHI-type threats) their most commonly early on incurred (and often also accumulated) CURSES.

SHI-type lifetime challenges that have been individually survived have by definition instigated a chronic reflexive suppression and indefinite postponement of a distress-type way of "paying actention". 

"SHI-type challenges" are, especially in the case of us humans, by far most commonly faced early on.

Due to the fact that vaginal births involve relatively large heads having to pass through a narrow pelvic opening one such challenge was having to be faced regularly before cesarian delivery became possible.

After having run a naturally traumatizing (SHI type) gauntlet in order to be born (and as if at the same time be naturally gifted the "opportunity" to, perhaps, grow up and reproduce), we far most commonly incur CURSES during our post-natal period that we spend as extremely self-helpless and dependent infants and toddlers.

CURSES (i.e. sensory detected/registered and recorded threats of SHI-type) are commonly chronically completely ignored because automatic "synaptic gating" (SH) does indefinitely disconnect such recorded (conditioned-in) challenges from consciousnessT (i.e. from being "paid" cognitive and/or emotional and/or somatic "actention").

In other words, circumstantial SHI-threats that we are no longer under (but that were originally sensory detected/registered and recorded) continue to insidiously exist in the form of Conditioned-in, kept Unconscious, Reverberating {reflexively sequestered stress-signalling} States Effecting {EAVASIVE + somatic} Symptoms. 

I hammer it home again: The causes of CURSES are commonly chronically ignored or 'forgotten'. This because any CURSES exists as a corresponding kind of "implicit memory"; It does because automatic synaptic gating ('specific/synaptic hibernation', or SH for short) indefinitely disconnects such long-term potentiated (LTP'ed) or sensitized states (of excitatory sensory-motivational neurons) from consciousnessT.

CURSES do very commonly provide subconscious fuel for distress-evading misplaced or disproportionate EAVASIVE fury as well as for distress-evading philosophizing and a vast variety of other EAVASIVE preoccupations and behaviors — some of which are aggressive and destructive while others are readily socially accepted or even applauded or nice and constructive and generally lauded. 


However, some symptoms of CURSES/EAVASIVE behaviors have no ÆPTly redeeming features and are entirely awful; For example, the EAVASIVE behaviors and preoccupations of serial killers, or preachers of and followers and practitioners of aggressive fundamentalist religions such as, currently most glaringly, Islamist preachers of the Islamic form of religious insanities and jihadists.