"ÆIMC Internetional Ptd. Lty." is short for "ÆPT Insights Marketed Conspicuously on the Internet". It suits being thought of as a pseudo agency and 'SEPTIC think tank'. 


ÆIMC's and ÆPT's deep down frustrated (from early on in ways largely highlighted by Primal Theory) author is also the sole purveyor of output into the SEPTIC think tank.


Some of the semantic content of has ÆPT is meant to be pacifying as well as often enough satisfying, pleasing and fun (mirth inspiring).

The loose and elastic semantic walls of the 'think tank' (ÆIMC) and the ÆPT content contained within them, would not exist without injections of sem_antics.


An accEPTance of some necessarily loose logic and grammar is easily achived if a tolerance-principled attitude is adopted and deliberately applied. 

ÆPT 'itself' was approximately arrived at by way a tolerance-principled approach but also by means of sem_antics (~wordplay), two sorts of humor (SEPTIC & antiSEPTIC such), and almost always by method of arduous error plagued trialling. 

The ways in which ÆPT was arrived at resulted in some more or less mirth inviting concEPTual tools for hard to handle or to swallow truths. It did mainly since these "tools" had to be ingestible and digistible also to me, so I had to piece them together to affect me in ways that were anywhere from mirth inspiring to mildly entertaining.  

ÆIMC promotes ÆPT and ÆPT-aligned attitudes, opinions and arguments — one of which (the most important) is supplied in the form of an unprecedented, thoroughly defined, and in human affairs most sorely missing 'ÆPT dogma'; a dogma designed in a nicely soothing spirit of antiSEPTIC humor.


ÆPT is the result of an explanatory philosophical travail caused by "sublimated" frustrations.


Put more generally and more precisely: 

Our human brains evolved from our chimp-like primate ancestors' cognitive as well as emotion-capable brains — brains in which neural plasticity (sprouting of synapse-forming dendritic and axonal projections) already played a part.

Since then, mainly as a result of momentous (selective sweep causing) ambiadvantageous mutations that gave rise to our language functions, our ancestors became uniquely and increasingly EAVASIVE

Only because of our unique, in our phylogeny uniquely added, language functions can something like ÆPT [~an atheistic enlightenment pinpointing text] have been co-motivated by a shunting (due to neural plasticity) of excitatory neural messages generated by usually kept unconscious "implicit memories" of CURSES type — i.e. implicit memories (automatically 'conditioned-in' neural states) left behind by (amongst else) adversely challenging circumstances that from early on chronically 'frustrated' (hindered the fulfillment of) instinctive social needs.

Such and other CURSES (incurred from of adversely challenging  circumstantial influences of SHI type) co-motivate many uniquely human behaviors or preoccupations (ÆPTly referred to as actentions). 

An adaptive postponement of a distress-type response is required when we for any reason ended up under a threat of specific hibernation imploring type. Such an often indefinite postponement is achieved within our actention selection serving systems by inhibitory neural functions that block synaptic signal-transmission specifically to such an distress-driving end. Such a signal transmission blocking response is concEPTualized as "specific (specifically post-synaptic) hibernation" and abbreviated to SH

SH adaptively precludes or can indefinitely postpone an "actention being paid" (always primarily in the currency of neurometabolic resources) to a threat of "SH imploring" (SHI) type.

SH does in most but not all subsequent (post traumatic) circumstances (lifetime settings) adaptively preclude that a correspondingly 'put CURSES' — i.e. a by a genuinely SH imploring threat "Conditioned-in Unconscious Reverberating State Effecting Symptoms — is belatedly "paid actention".

The notable exception being cases of individuals who are in a safe enough lifetime setting and who have brains with a sufficient capacity (relative to the CURSES they have come to contain) to reprocess the SH-sequestered dynamic residues of threats of SHI type in a CURSES-dispelling way.

The same as with any situational features which if paid actention would crucially contribute to a maladaptive outcome, a genuine circumstantial "SHI threat" will have to have its sensory-signaled representation synaptically "gated" (inhibited/blocked/"filtered"-out) in order to be adaptively coped with.

Therefore, by simple but science-aligned ÆPT logic, SH should be seen as an aspect of what is generally know as "selective attention" (or, more ÆPTly put, selective actention).

The conventional meaning of "selective attention" partly implies that among parallel sensory-motivating messages (generated by corresponding and as if competing neural modules) some 'actention module specific' messages that in a given situation would potentially give rise to a maladaptive actention (a ditto response, preoccupation, or behavior) are more often than not adaptively 'out-competed' by 'winning' (as in not just potentially but actually actention producing) actention modules.


The 'competition' partly involves a "lateral inhibition" delivering functure within neural "actention selection serving systems" (brains or central nervous systems). 

In principle, among mutually exclusive and competing actention modules  the temporary winners generate a stronger or more weighty "lateral inhibition" than do the losing modules. 


By the way, some of all possible co-existing actention modules may step onto the winners podium in the sense of manifesting as a subjective consciousnessT or as a both subjective and objective actention being paid/focused. 


Of course, this explanatory ÆPT principle (meant to be pictured as a metaphorical "competition") does also involve a "cheering and booing audience" = influencial environmental factors, past and present.   

It goes without saying that how "selective actention" operates in real-time in us is a result of natural selection in the phylogeny of fauna.

It is or should also be obvious (from this most general ÆPT view of "selective attention") that even sensory messages representing innocuous or even potentially pleasurable sensory-detected circumstantial factors of "opportunity type" (the dialectic and didactic ÆPT opposite to factors of "threat type") must in most situations be synaptically blocked in order not to be paid maladaptive actention.


[By the way, the word "threats" ÆPTly used as a simple label for the fundamentally secondary side of the two 'dialectically opposed' sides of an ÆPTly postulated (or didactically dichotomized) most general notion — one that is nevertheless rather philosophically settling and satisfying; Namely, the notion of a not too abstract "Evolutionary Pressure Totality".] 

"Threats of SHI type" and the CURSES the leave behind witin the ASSS (if survived for long enough) is a sub category of all conceivable lifetime threats. Threats of this type are most conventionally thought, talked and written about with help of the tacky Freudian terminology.



This tacky but traditional (conventional) tool for meaning-muddling thought, is the word "trauma". It is offered ÆPT relief from by means one of the two concEPTs that are expressible as acronyms, namely "SHI [or SCHI] type threats"; The other one is of course "CURSES".

Chronic circumstantially unmet social needs can be and often are an important source of co-motivation behind human behaviors.  

What is partly pertly pushed by ÆIMC, is anything that reflects, highlights, and might infect intercEPTed people with, concEPTualized intuitions and insights into that, why and how our branch of simian evolution has as a matter of principle resulted in that our brains are organized from ground up so that we on the whole tend NOT to come to firm grips with why and how we evolved to only very feebly understand ourselves, and are worse than weak at self- and social regulation.

Hence, ÆIMC will always be "pushing" ÆPT very much uphill.😣

However, it is not impossible to have fun while aiming for unrealistic goals😄😜; and one such goal is to achieve science-aligned explanatory political traction in conspicuous ways all of which hinge on that people's minds can be fertilizing with assorted excEPTionally pedagogical tools for thought (or optimally cut and not overly polished insight-facilitating lingual lenses).

The result of this aim is that ÆPT insights are being marketed conspicuously on the Internet by means of eclectically pieced together concEPTs packaged into an explanatory 'platform terminology' that most notably contains unusually defining word-strings expressible as more or less aptly allusive acronyms.

Three of these acronymic concEPTs are soothingly silly in a SEPTIC humored way. Two of them were designed in a SEPTIC humored way but only one of them 'most distinKtly so'. The remaining one of those 3 acronyms represents a non-toilet-humor-oriented flavour of SEPTIC humor that is merely justified as a means to inspire mirth in recEPTive intercEPTees.

These concEPTs are ideally to serve as entertaining philosophical tools for an effectively philosophy terminating and politically orientable outlook on ourselves.

P.S. A simple (and not humorous) take on Ultimate Reality (UR) in near enough normal English (not in the language of mathematics) is also part of ÆPT — and as it should be in the case of what is claimed to be something of an "atheistic enlightenment 🌞 projecting thesis".😈