Introduction with links

About ÆPT as a name, flag, pointer, qualifier.


It is not just possible but in my opinion apt to interpret what I have come to flexibly refer to as ÆPT (or, sometimes expediently, as EPT) as an acronym diversely derivable from descriptive or characterizing word sequences such as e.g. "atheistic enlightenment (Æ) pertly (or poignantly) textualised" or "Æ projected textually".  More derivations are possible but no derogatory derivations are accEPTable.


The spelling of ÆPT is simplified to EPT when used as a qualifier brought attention to (or ‘warning-flag’ raised) by capitalising letters of certain words with suitable spelling.


The MAD-inspired aspect of ÆPT


ÆPT is a MAD-inspired take on what is going on.


MAD-inspired” is a reference to my enduring appreciation of the delightfully allusive arms race shaming acronym for “Mutual(ly) Assured Destruction”. 


The deepest backgrounds to ÆPT


The deepest personal factors (or causes) behind my aim to reach for and write what became ÆPT were mainly that my curiosity instinct combined with from early on ended up under circumstantial threats of SHI-type that automatically got conditioned-in and internally as if preseved (i.e. within my central neural Actention Selection Serving System) in the form of primarily insidious CURSES (a corresponding category of implicit memory).

More features and backgrounds of ÆPT

ÆPT can be justifiably described as a gaily gnosticism garrotting grasp of what is going on; This partly because ÆPT contains a sardonically jocular manifestation of the acronym-building sem_antics (wordplay) that facilitated the forging of ÆPT. 

This mirth-inviting aspect of ÆPT is only completely silly and unjustified in the case of one of the three concEPTs that I’ve thought apt to label "SEPTIC humored". (Of course the label fits best when they are expressed as acronyms.) 

This concEPT is “RAT (for reticular activating type) neurons”.

The SEPTIC humored concEPTs are suitably so called not only because of the acronymic surface of SEPTIC but also because the acronym implies that ÆPT is, by serious intent, meant to reflect relevant “Science-established pointers that inform cogently”.

Luckily, a few other concEPTs that were likewise designed to be expressible as acronyms came about as if to provide a pleasing counterbalance to the SEPTIC humored concEPTs. 

These concEPTs appear to have been conceived (or contrived and steeped) in a spirit of perfectly clean “antiSEPTIC humor”.

The single most outstanding (but, decEPTively, also laughably lame) example of this nicely humoristic aspect of ÆPT is the nonetheless implicitly science-aligned and thoroughly defined ÆPT dogma/motto, "ALQholism is (ALQholists are) the best ism (ists)".

The ÆPT definition of "(a maximum degree of) Absolute Life Quality" (ALQ) is hard-nosed and subjectivity snubbing. 

The implicit definition of this delightful 'dogma' can be readily applied as politically relevant measuring stick. However, increasingly precise and reliable methods of assessing the degree of ALQwholesomeness in the ASSS of people are sure to become available. 

Aside from that technological means of assessing individual people’s degree of ALQ already exist, it is of course possible that ÆPT and ÆPT-aligned insights and guide-lines can also be applied (by appropriately enlightened, preferably percEPTive, people).


In other words: An in human affairs most sorely missing (policy guiding) measuring stick (one more precise and impossible to rationally dismiss) is provided as part of ÆPT.


This measuring stick lends itself (most likely only on ÆPTly written electronic paper) to assess and compare the degree of ALQwholesomeness of different cultures (i.e. cultures as most comprehensively meant).

It is not inEPT (or it is ÆPT) to think that, while it is highly unlikely it is conceivable that an in-dEPTh enough ALQholism (represented by 'ÆPTly dogmatic enough' ALQholists) might one day make policies and more more reliably (less unreliably) foresee their impact on a populations overall ALQwholesomeness.


Anyhow, the silly-looking ÆPT dogma does seriously imply that degree of ALQ (or more commonly the degree of lack of ALQwholesomeness) of different cultures (specific to different demographies democracies dictatorships or populations, subpopulation, or sects) can be assessed and compared with unprecedented objectivity.

Likewise it is possible to apply the concEPT of ALQ to the task of approximately deciding if a legislative or social or economic policy, or a tradition, is more or less ALQholistic in character than are others. This kind of assessment is of course to be based on how likely each policy or tradition is to unnecessarily cause people to end up under threats of SHI type and therefore to automatically incur CURSES

The definition of ALQ (or ALQwholesomeness) centrally includes the concEPT of "ALQ-holes". 

ALQ-holes is the ÆPT term for synaptic channels that would be available to relay excitatory message if not kept blocked by inhibitory ‘Specific Hibernation (SH) performing’ neural functions.


A survived (for any reason ended up under and by definition always circumstantial) threat of SH imploring (SHI) type 'puts' a corresponding CURSES within a thus threatened individual’s Actention Selection Serving System.


ÆPT includes "the ÆPT heuristic" — one approximately and expediently represented by the ÆPTly neo-Darwinian notion of "ambiadvantageously adaptive" mutations/traits. 


The ÆPT heuristic is simply a recognition of that our lineage did eventually (after a lengthy latency) evolve phenotypes that met opportunity type challenges with an ASSS capable using CURSES as a co-motivating factor(s) behind behaviors and preoccupations that exploits environmentally present factors of opportunity type (or that allows such factors to be exploited).


The eventual result of this sub-heuristic/sub-principle of Natural Selection became that we humans happen to be a uniquely EAVASIVE species of animals.