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Intro to ÆPT

The neural roots of "neuroses" consist of persistent "implicit memories".


"Neuroses" (plural of neurosis) is a Freudian concept; one coined, presumably by Sigmund, in the early days of Neuroscience.


"Implicit memory" (is not a Freudian notion AFAIK). You may look up the conventional meaning of this notion yourself, but I interpret it as follows: By lifetime circumstances conditioned-in memory states that we are unaware of, and are unable to recall, deliberately replay, and reprocess. 

By "reprocess" I am only referring to a "primal therapeutic" type of self-regulation — a self-regulatory response that was originally or previously not possible for reasons such as an insufficient stage of brain development, or an acquired incompatible attitude, or constant circumstantial demands requiring incompatible focuses of actention.

"Neurosis" typically evokes nothing but negative associations.

Another closely related example of Freud's tacky (but nowadays traditional) terminology is the word "trauma". It is tacky in the sense of being meaning-muddled or commonly used in meaning-muddling ways.


Those two Freudian concepts (i.e. "neuroses" and "trauma") provided some of the motivation for me to aim, inspired by the arms-race shaming acronym "MAD" (short for "Mutual/ly Assured Destruction"), to contrive a few aptly allusive and as far as possible 'self-defining' acronymic tools with which to understand myself and others.

However, this partly 'MAD-inspired' approach was preceded by an addictive autodidactic effort prompted by a self-shaming realisation of being utterly ignorant about how human brains work and evolved.

Anyhow, this 'intellectual deficiency amending' endeavor (one that involved a 'Mother Nature mimmicking' method of stubbornly applied error plagued trialing in combination with mundane as well as mirth-inspiring sem_antics) progressed tardily but did eventually turn into an effectively philosophy terminating and also somewhat politically orientable outlook on what is going on.

The previous paragrapth was a true (although incomplete and superficial) description of how I came to provide myself with a kit of conceptual tools for obtaining an in-depth grasp of mainly but not only ourselves and human affairs. So, what resulted might as well be described as a set of aptly cut and polished (and coated) lingual lenses that has helped me to gain and in parts mirthfully maintain an in-depth insight into same.

I feel that the written product or outcome of my no largely in the past pursuit (all of which is promoted by my very own 'SEPTIC' think tank/agency ÆIMC Internetional Ptd. Lty.) also suits being characterised as 'atheistic enlightenment projected textually', or as 'an effectively philosophy terminating', in parts pertly put and extended "Primal Theoretical" take on what is going on.

[I flexibly flag this my autodidactic pursuit and its outcome with the spelling-space saving and diversely derivable gimmicky acronym "ÆPT"; and I sometimes raise a simplified version of this flag, when there is an opportunity to do so, as a word-qualifier. For example: "You must never imagine that the two versions of the this flag stands for an unflattering word-string because all such thoughts are unaccEPTable!"


I hope to be excused for not having been able to refrain from enjoying the facetious aspect of this flag.]

One of the tools was conceived or steeped in a squeaky clean spirit of antisEPTic humor that resulted is somewhat politically orientable—or only polemically orientable, if nothing else.

(If nothing else then it and certain other concEPTs (with their, only irrationally refutable, definitions) may at least be used used as polemic prods applied against inEPT politicians and ditto plebs or pundits.)

This particular concEPTual tool, one that is put to nicely mirth-inviting ÆPT use, is Absolute Life Quality (ALQ).

ALQ has a thorough, hardnosed, subjectivity snubbing ÆPT definition.


I dealt with the by me perceived deficiency (lack of adequat conceptual tools/lenses with which to grasp/view ourselves), amongst else by: 

A. assigning a thoroughly defined and justified acronym for Specific 'Hibernation' Imploring Threat(s) or threats of "SHI-type" , to any circumstantial threat that geniunely (in and of itself) "implores" (here synonymous with "demands" or "requires") an instinctively initiated distress-type response to be indefinitely postponed

B. assigning the likewise thoroughly defined and justified acronym CURSES to what is left behind in our brains (our "actention" selection serving systems") by for any reason ended up under threat of SHI-type.

[In other words, a CURSES is what is 'put' when we end up being circumstantially challenged by a genuinely distress-postponement prompting peril or overly onerous predicament or ordeal.]

CURSES is the shortest possible accEPTable spelling of a word-string to the meaning of Conditioned-in, kept Unconscious reflexively, Reverberative State(s) Effecting Symptoms. 


The word "symptoms" does in the case of CURSES refer to always deleterious somatic symtoms, and to from mostly deleterious to mostly opportunity exploiting (procreation promoting and lineage-lengthening) symptoms — symptoms that is ÆPTly referred to with help of the acronym EAVASIVE; as in EAVASIVE symptoms (>~=neurotic behavioral/preoccupational) symptoms. 

EAVASIVE symptoms, (Evolved Ambiadvantageous(ly adaptive)...." such) have obviously, but only so far, contributed to the lengthening of the human lineage. 

All EAVASIVE symptoms are manifestations of CURSES as a co-motivating factor (or source of co-motivation) behind not just deleterious but also behind environmental evolutionary/lifetime opportunities being exploited or "taken".   


It is by far most common that CURSES (or a CURSES) last(s) a lifetime. 


They very often do mainly due to the simple fact that lifetime circumstances seldom cease to present us with lifetime challenges — opportunities as well as threats — that make it impossible for our brains (our actention selection serving systems) to dispell CURSES.


A CURSES (an implicit memory of CURSES type) that corresponds to a social environment that since right after birth and throughout childhood did not enable fulfillment of one or more aspects of our innate social needs (the most basic of which is the need for reassuring stimulation through the sense of touch) would have to be gradually dispelled (the blocked and in the past indefinitely postponed distress-response being allowed to become safely completed and converted into a differently=consciously reprocessed and stored and coped with in a non-EAVASIVE, more quiet (no longer symptom-generating) way. 


A CURSES-dispelling self-regulatory process does involve the entire emotional meaning/consequence of in our individual past for whatever reason ended up under threats of SHI-type.

If we get into a situation in our lives that we sense is sufficiently safe, then some of us will spontaneously start to feel the effect of a spontaneous opening of neural "gates" that in our personal past automatically closed in a SH-type response that indefinitely delayed an initially underway distress-type response. 


A distress-type response is an instinctive initial response to any sensed and 'ASSSessed' (by the Actention Selection Serving System) as *threatening enough* — i.e. assessed as such typically, and in principle, *in competition* with simultaneously sensed and detected other lifetime challenges, opportunity type such as well as other threats.


In accordance wirh this simple schematic principle or brains suit being described as consisting of parallel hierarchial differentially weighted (weighted by natural selection in our phylogeny, and by likewise innately except epigenetically transferred aftereffects of experiences had at least as far back as by our grandparents, by individual historical conditioning, and of course also weighted by very recently or in the here-and-now sensed environmental factors) actention modules.


Human psychology is complicated by the fact that sensory circuits similar enough to those involved when a past SHI-threat put a CURSES can be involved in sensing innocuous or neutral circumstantial factors and so can trigger a needlessly consciousness compromising response (a response that can be said to cement the containment of CURSES and needlessly contiune habitual ways of coping EAVASIVEly. 

So, the chronic internal co-motivating presence (in the ASSS) of CURSES can be "both a curse and blessing" (to quote Arthur Janov — person who most clearly defined how a non-EAVASIVE primal therapeutically self-regulatory CURSES dispelling process can proceed in a clinical setting and in brains. 


Even so many human brains (our "actention selection serving systems") have an at least potential capacity to pay distress-involving *'actention'* to CURSES and to thereby self-regulate non-EAVASIVEly and thereby as if dispell CURSES. 


By the way, our ASSSs (brains) work as competitions between current circumstantial Opportunity (O) type as well as of from Threat (T) type sources of input to our senses, in our individual past stored such input, and in our phylogeny by genetic variation and Naturally (including socially) Selective lifetime challenges hard-wired instincts (and, to complicate matters, epigenetic inheritance of challenges faced by our grandparents can also play a role).


The "Actention Selection Serving System" (ASSS) is a concEPT that is put to further acronym-building ÆPT use in as tightly truncated a form as to be written as "AS" right in the middle of EAVASIVE.


Only some of these "tools" are decEPTively silly-looking and mirth-inviting but all are concEPTs claimed (by ÆIMC Internetional Ptd. Lty.) to be English-language enhancing and insight aiding lingual lenses.


Ideally, all the concepts I contrived with an aim to make them expressible as acronyms would be aptly allusive and also self-defining by the word-strings they are derived from. 


But of course, as the ÆPT saying goes, 'Ideality' is not the same as 'Reality'. 

This rarely written but almost entirely perfect truism (ÆPT saying) is in respect of ÆPT exemplified by, for one, the fact that the ÆPT notion of "RAT neurons" (derived from Reticular Activating Type neurons) lack apt allusiveness entirely. 


However, even so, "RAT-neurons" can luckily be counted as one of the only three genuine acronymic concEPTs that are mirth-inviting by having been 'designed' with a sense of sardonic 'sEPTilc' humor; this aside from that this concEPT (a relatively minor one) is an important ingredient in the very simple ÆPT position on "consciousnessT" (or what it is). 


The tagged-on T (on consciousnessT) represents a by Heisenberg as if heralded Tolerance-principled attitude that I've resorted to pragmatically interpret and apply in aid of the accEPTability (my own ability to accept) the tenuous ÆPT definition of "consciousnessT".


However, also the jarring semantic/grammatical dissonance caused by the word-string required to form EAVASIVE (the most integrative and demanding of the acronymic concEPTs) requires a Tolerance-principled attitude. 

Of the other two sEPTic-humorously mirth-inviting concEPTs, "ASSS" is about 50% aptly allusive whereas 'SHIT" (~Specific Hibernation Imploring Threat/s) is 100% aptly allusive; this since it most deserved by the kind of perils or overly onerous predicaments or ordeals that this thoroughly defined (and most distinKtly ÆPT) concept refers to.

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