Rambling and mostly recycled redundant ÆPT ruminations relevant to EAVASIVE (the most integrative of all concEPTs)

For the sake of ÆPT consistency, the counterpart to SH (short for "Specific Hibernation") is of course GH (short for General Hibernation).

SH is meant in the sense of a most precisely inhibitory function that maintains a muted postsynaptic metabolism, a state that, when a neural animal has for any reason ended up under a SH imploring threat, in most cases adaptively precludes a corresponding "actention" (= a skeletomotor, emotional or mental response typically involving a distressed emotional tone and a corresponding type of neurohormonal output and/or flight or fight type neuromuscular activity).


GH does unconventionally refer mainly to how some species or subspecies of animals have adapted to seasonally adverse (entrapping/not migrated away from) climatic challenges by instinctively preparing for and entering into a state of dormancy — hence GH refers to aestivation as well as hibernation.

The implied ÆPT meaning of "selective actention" is that not any two (or more) types of behavior or psychophysiological responses can be carried out simultaneously by/within one and the same individual animal. The same goes of course for plants but animals are what is paid (and the focus of) attention by me — as reflected by my ÆIMC.

Two examples of mutually incompatible ways of paying actention (relevant to us humans) are: foraging and fornicating, and physically fleeing and philosophizing. (Perhaps you can come up with many more?)

EAVASIVE was most pragmatically contrived with help of a deliberately and strongly applied  "Tolerance Principled" attitude.

It consists of loosely (or most pragmatically) cemented together relevant ingredients; amongst else it consists of two concEPTs: "ambiadvantageous mutations" and one of the SEPTIC humor concEPTs, the one based on the portmanteau type concEPT "actention", namely "AS" (the shortest or most tightly truncated of the three accEPTable abbreviations "actention selection serving system").  

The 'post neo-Darwinian'sub-principle/sub-heuristic implied by (or contained within) "EAVASIVE" is not as simple as Darwin's but it is still simple enough. It merely requires the realization that Opportunities (life challenges of O-type) very commonly overlap (coincide closely enough spatially and temporally) with circumstantial threats of SH-imploring type and even more commonly also with one or more CURSES (a corresponding kind of implicit memory).


A CURSES (same aptly allusive spelling in singular) is a state incurred from a SHI-type threat, and it consists of one or more conditioned-in source of excitatory neural messages that originally were by default destined to drive a most likely maladaptive response of distress type but that instead were automatically coped with by way of a "SH response" — a most metabolically miserly possible response that originally indefinitely postponed (and that in most cases also subsequently postpones) a circumstantially induced and immediately impending, or subsequently chronically lurking, potential maladaptive response of mainly distress type.

What EAVASIVE and most especially the concEPT "ambiadvantageous" refers to is the sub-principle/sub-heuristic that: Natural Selection has favored mutations (i.e. has been extra likely to fix mutations in a population's gene pool) that have conferred a combination of new or enhanced capacities to simultaneously 

1. exploit environmentally present opportunities (more or less directly procreation promoting such)

2. deal (or cope) with primarily insidious endogenous lifetime challenges/selection pressures each in the form a "CURSES" (≈ conditioned-in, commonly chronically kept unconscious, remaining & repercussively reverberating state effecting symptoms) that automatically is what is left behind in a brain (or central neural system or "Actention Selection Serving System) of an individual who for any reason ends up in and survives a circumstantial threat of "SHI type".


("SHI threats" are threats that, if survived for long enough, CURSES are incurred from. 

"Ambiadvantageous mutations" is an uniquely ÆPT expression that refers to mutations that have led to that we humans are able to exploit environmental opportunities not just by blocking the synaptic transmission of the output of excitatory messages generated by sensory-motivational neurons that detect when we are currently under a circumstantial threat of SHI-type and by continuing to block such messages that recur as a result of a thus automatically 'put' CURSES, but mutations whereby we to a significant extent also have a uniquely evolved tendency to reroute (or, to use a Freudian concept, "sublimate". 


That is, what is literally or figuratively rerouted (from the excitatory core of CURSES) are excitatory messages that then manage to play a co-motivating role in all the EAVASIVE ways we more or less directly and more or less successfully (adaptively), and more or less acceptably, exploit environmentally presented opportunities.


[What is here referred as blocked messages are neural messages that if allowed to follow their original 'default path' will motivate an acutely  distressed type of actention.]  

Ambiadvantageous mutations have not only led to our capacity to reroute the excitatory neural messages generated at the core of CURSES into a great variety of opportunity exploiting pursuits/behaviors/preoccupations but also to our ability and tendency to pay such actentions in an extra persistent (tenaciously focused and of course also ideologically driven and 'unflinchingly fanatic'😑) way.

Early examples of adaptive EAVASIVE behaviors:


Our distant but relatively "modern" (as opposed to archaic) human ancestors' did no doubt on the whole successfully raid, bride-steal from, and usurp their Neanderthal and Denisovan neighbors. 

Outstanding skillfulness (as a result of mutations that increased such aspects of EAVASIVE) — e.g. tool-making/fire-making prowess — were recognized and appreciated by other members of our ancestors' family group, not least by potential mating partners. 

Telling alluring (even if not understood by the others) stories around campfires would have impressed sexual rivals as well as attracted mating partners; 

Dancing and drumming expressions of extra EAVASIVEness would have been means of getting in the mood for successful raiding (aggressive fighting) as well as for successful fornication; 

The emerged ability to depict animals and humans with spears on cave walls may have been more of a "spandrel" but those who pioneered this ability may have intimidated mating rivals and impressed and been admired by potential mating partners.        

Opportunity-type challenges are procreation promoting if exploited.

And successful "opportunity exploitation" is almost always accompanied by successful coping with various kinds of threats; However, ÆPT is an explanatory philosophical thesis that focuses most specially on SHI-type come CURSES-type threats.


Even more reiterative ÆPT ruminations:

EAVASIVE implies that natural selection did as a matter of principle tend to favor the "fixing" of mutations [in certain pockets of hominine populations ancestral to all current humans — typically pockets that included our predecessors and that were of extended family group size] that did not just allow efficient Specific/synaptic Hibernation (i.e. a synaptic relay "blocking"/"gating" function) to operate throughout the duration of a SHIT but it also allowed a 'siphoning-off' from CURSES (conditioned-in prior SHI-threats) as a source of co-motivating extra fuel for new or enhanced adaptive language-function-associated (likewise by ambiadvantageous pleitropic type mutations conferred) capacity to extra staunchly/fanatically engage in Opportunity-taking EAVASIVE focuses of actention (preoccupations).

CURSES is an essential co-motivator of: all religions (including secular ones), all of The Arts, all of Science (and technology), all of (inÆPT)  philosophizing, and all of the MAD-inspired ÆPT attempt at penning a science-aligned and effectively philosophy terminating philosophy😉.  

CURSES play a primarily insidious role as an endogenously present threat incurred by survived circumstantial and no longer under SHI-type threats. The role that such dynamic states plays is, uniquely in the case of our species thanks to ambiadvantageous mutations since we split from our common ancestors with the chimpanzees, one that adaptively as if siphons synaptically sequestered residues of SHI-threats into being a source of co-motivation for significantly often successful exploitation of environmentally present challenges/selection pressures of Opportunity-type.

In fewer words: The lineage of simians that we belong to evolved to be able to unconsciously utilize primarily insidious CURSES as a co-motivating fuel for Opportunity-exploiting pursuits.

An incurred CURSES (≈a conditioned-in unconsciously reverberating state effecting symptoms) is what is left behind inside a still alive individual's ASSSs long after it has for any reason ended up under a circumstantial threat of SHI-type. 

In the phylogeny of animals what has been tenuously but tellingly prioritized through Natural Selection is the preservation of ambiadvantageous genomic mutations by the procreative successes of ambiadvantageously enhanced phenotypes.

A crude conventional ('inEPT') way of describing the meaning of EAVASIVE is: The above described overlap of evolutionary pressures has resulted in our exceptionally potent and varied types of (so far on the whole adaptive) neuroticism.

Hence it can be concluded that the hallmark of humankind is our exceptionally potent type of EAVASIVEness.

SHI-type lifetime challenges that are individually survived (they are not just occurring early on in our lives but they are by far most  commonly having to be faced then) involve a reflexively suppressed and indefinitely postponed "paying of distress-type actention". 


In other words, such sensory detected/registered/recorded threats are commonly chronically 'forgotten' because automatic synaptic gating indefinitely disconnects such challenges from consciousnessT and thereby also from cognitively conscious faculties.


However, the thus incurred corresponding CURSES are very commonly providing subconscious fuel for distress-evading misplaced or disproportionate EAVASIVE fury as well as for distress-evading philosophizing and a vast variety of other EAVASIVE preoccupations and behaviors — some aggressive and destructive but socially accepted or even applauded, some nice and constructive and generally lauded, yet other have no socially redeeming features and are entirely awful, such as e.g. the EAVASIVE behaviors and preoccupations of serial killers.

The look and design of the concEPT "EAVASIVE" is the result of an extremely pragmatic tailoring of this the most integrative of all the concEPTs that are expressible (and contrived with MAD-inspired intent to be expressed) as acronyms.


It was my attempt to concEPTualise "EAVASIVE" (an attempt prompted by a related prior intuitive/fuzzy insight) that forced me to resort to acquiring a Tolerance-principled attitude.

Evolved Ambiadvantageous[ly adaptive] Verbal Actention {Selection Serving} System Incorporating Various Endorphins (does so instructively in respect of the meaning of the concEPT and in respect of providing the last of the acronym). "Endorphins" was used in the sense of Endoopiates or endogenous opioids.

The not self-explanatory ÆPT portmanteau term/concEPT "ambiadvantageous[ly adaptive] mutations" was contrived for the purpose of building the aptly allusive acronym EAVASIVE.

It is ÆPT to contend that our EAVASIVEness is unique —  unique also compared to the now extinct "archaic humans"; It is in that when inevitably pitted against our modern ancestors the archaic humans would have tended to "draw the short straw" because of having a lesser EAVASIVE capacity (crucially lacking at least one corresponding ambiadvantageous mutation in their genomes) to remain staunchly motivated and well enough organised in face of not only but most especially situational combinations of 1. exploitable opportunities such as not least the opportunity to raid and usurp neighboring human or hominine family groups, and 2. situationally associated threats (also including CURSES put by past threats of SHI type).