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SH justified

Specific Hibernation (SH) is the result of a pragmatic violation of the standard lexical meaning of the word "hibernation". This violation can be justified because it contributes an explanatory logic beyond the fact that "hibernation" contributes an H whereby to form a deservedly (and 'distinKtly') allusive acronym from the expressions, "Specific Hibernation imploring threats", or "perils or ordeals of SH imploring type". 

I hope it is as didactically helpful for someone else as it was autodidactically for me to compare SH with all examples of with seasonal regularity instinctively prepared for and entered into states of dormancy (that is aestivation as well as hibernation).


Such ways of coping with seasonally harsh climatic conditions may be referred to as General 'Hibernation' (GH).

In other words, "specific hibernation" got chosen because it fitted both a MAD-inspired acronym-building aim and because the expression provides an apt reference to the obvious fact that a relatively metabolically muted metabolism and a compromised (cancelled) consciousnessT is the common denominator between SH (specific hibernation) and GH (general hibernation or aestivation). 

Specific Hibernation (SH) is a concEPT that refers to presynaptic or postsynaptic inhibitory functions that most directly initiate and typically inertly maintain an absence of firing or a sufficiently low frequency of firing (with a correspondingly muted neuronal metabolism) of postsynaptic and downstream neurons of actention modules that are phylogenetically dedicated to pay/focus actentions of distress-type.


In yet other ÆPTly explanatory words: SH refers to an indefinitely distress-delaying absence of stimulation of excitatory neurons downstream of sites of SH inducing neural signaling (within an ASSS)—a signaling prepared or led up to by sensory detection and registration of environmental distressors of a "SH imploring" type.

The SH function within of brains (ASSSs) prevents us from responding with paying/focusing distress-type actention to Specific (and by ÆPT definition always circumstantial) Hibernation Imploring Threats.

Hence, it is no less ÆPT to conclude that SH selectively switches-off consciousnessT and provides a clue to how "selective unconsciousness" can arise and be maintained.  

Apropos which, threats of "SHI type" prompt respective conditioned-in largely chronic aftermaths concEPTualised as CURSES.

There are alternatives to "CURSES" (other concepts/labels for approximately the same subset of states of implicit memory that CURSES refers to) but these are of course not ÆPT and some are less accEPTable than others. 

The least accEPTable of these is "engram/s"; or, rather, it is unaccEPTable for reason of being an utter euphemism and for being in use by a financially and politically shrewdly and successfully operated sect based on books written by Ron. L. Hubbard. 

Another one is the almost accEPTable concepts of "primal pain" present/presented in books written by the late Arthur Janov. However, I personally feel it is an overly poignant pointer to that CURSES are incurred by lifetime challenges of SHI-type.


Janov did not create a correspondingly distinct concept for what causes "primal pain" but he nonetheless came up with the Primal Theoretical notion of "primal scenes". He instead he used the most conventional tacky Freudian concept of "trauma" or "traumatic memories".

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