SH justified

Specific/synaptic Hibernation (SH) involves a pragmatic violation of the standard lexical meaning of the word "hibernation" but the violation can be justified because it contributes an explanatory logic that is far more in-dEPTh than the mere fact that it also contributes an H whereby to form a most deservedly allusive (looking) acronym.

The word "hibernation" is in this SH-jusifying context a didactive/comparison-encouraging reference to the most generally metabolically muted state that all seasonally dormant animals, whether they be hibernating or aestivating, instinctively prepare for and enter into.

The primary ÆPT meaning of Specific/synaptic Hibernation (SH) is a synaptic relay-blocking function (synaptic inhibition) that achieves a state wherein the directly affected (or silenced) postsynaptic or presynaptic neuron's metabolism and further along (downstream) synaptically linked neurons' metabolism can be kept muted in ÆPTly useful similarity with hibernating and aestivating animals' muted metabolism.


When individuals of some species and subspecies of animals instinctively prepare for and enter into a seasonally dormant state their metabolism is muted generally — with a near enough completely behavior blocking and consciousness cancelling effect — whereas when animals (such as humans) cope by way of Specific/synaptic Hibernation (SH) they can maintain an exquisitely precise temporary or indefinite postponement of an impending maladaptive distress-type actention to a SHI-threat and at the same carry on trying to take all kinds of available procreation promoting Opportunity type challenges.

SH function (synaptic inhibition) is what keeps the post-synaptic portion of the potentially distress-manifesting actention module affected (not the portion that has been as if converted into a CURSES) in a state that is sufficiently metabolically muted (in sufficiently a disconnected state) to not give rise to an in most (but not all) "post-SHIT situations" maladaptive actention of distress-type.  

The SH (instigating and maintaining) function is such that if the synaptic gates that it normally keeps closed "flew off their hinges" (malfunctioned or were caused to open) the result would in most (but not all) lifetime circumstances manifest as a maladaptive response of distress-type or as a symptoms loosely labelled psychoses. 


The inhibitory adaptive function of "Specific/synaptic Hibernation" (not the adaptive function of 'General Hibernation', as in seasonal dormancy) is capable of precluding that self-defeating distress (or a maladaptive actention ~= ditto content of consciousnessT) is caused by SHIT and/or by CURSES whilst permitting sensory scanning for and efforts to actively ("actentively") exploit detected environmental opportunities.