"SEPTIC" justified

Because all explanatory points that are made within ÆPT have support from relevant and (by) 

'Science Established' Pointers That Inform Cogently, 

and because some of the concEPTs that were contrived to be expressed as acronyms [the MAD-inspired method by which these "ÆPT points" are enjoyably pushed to the max] either have an origin that involved toilet-oriented or otherwise crudely humorous jocularity (ÆPTly labeled "SEPTIC humor") OR were conceived and steeped in a spirit of squeaky clean and nicely buoyant humor (ÆPTly labeled "antiSEPTIC humor"), it is apt to accept that the word-string in bold and italics above (the one starting with "Science Established") serves as an implicitly non-humorous justification for the use (within ÆPT) of the uppercase letter-string "SEPTIC".

However, "SEPTIC" is not to be counted as a concEPT. 

It is beside the point, but I like to mention that all concEPTs that look decEPTively silly when expressed as acronyms can also be justified as opportunities for unrecEPTive intercEPTees to get put off and to bail out before being too precariously (or overly) exposed to (perhaps in some cases even pushed over the edge by) the ÆPTly highlighted, explained, and provided concEPTual grasping tools for, aspects of 'what is going on'.