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The Tolerance-principled ÆPT attitude

A "tolerance principled attitude" is an ÆPT reinterpretation and application of the by Werner Heisenberg heralded   "Principle of Tolerance", coined but not ÆPTly meant by Jacob Bronowski.

It is the 3rd of the following resorted strategies by which ÆPT was approximately arrived at:

1. acronym-building sem_antics (and other ÆPT-facilitating wordplay);

2. humor (of two kinds, ÆPTly labeled "septic humor" and "antiseptic humor");

3. a by Werner Heisenberg as if heralded "Tolerance Principled" intellectual attitude for coping with naturally inevitable cognitive, conceptual and even grammatical dissonances.

Applying a Tolerance-principled attitude (or an 'accEPTing' one) has helped against my own 'author_iterative' shortfalls.


It does not matter whether these shortfalls were caused by obstacles such as personal intellectual shortcomings or fundamental and universal limitations to how much light can be shone onto what is going on by any logic or by any intellect.


Since I seem to have successfully forced myself to apply a Tolerance-principled attitude on course to arriving at ÆPT, might this method also serve someone else coming to an understanding (of ourselves and UR) with a similarly satisfying atheistic enlightenment providing traction? 🤔

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