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Yet another rather thorough introductory presentation of an (the/my) ÆPT worldview.


But first an explanation of (my) ÆIMC Internetional Ptd. Lty..
[It is sure to be a merciful intro in respect of the vast majority of intercEPTees who typically are intractably unrecEPTive.]



ÆIMC is a 'Fairyland registered' agency/organisation. However, its sole owner/operator and member exists, and he thinks it would not be inept to place ÆIMC in a category of 'In parts superficially silly but essentially with serious intent kept science-aligned, earnestly philosophical, tentatively insight cementing Think Tanks'.😎


ÆPT is the only product offered (on the Internet) by ÆIMC Internetional.


ÆPT is currently to be found at the fancy WWW address


The fanciful aim behind the name "ÆIMC" was that ÆPT Insights, Manifested ConcEPTually, would be pushed on the Internet, and that sufficiently ÆPT-aligned information made available by others would also be promoted (shared profusely, as it turned out). 

One of the many apt and ÆPTly derivable  characterisations of ÆPT—irrelevant or derogatory derivations are of course unaccEPTable—is as bland as: "An Electronically Published Text(ual package)".


The very informally formulated 'ÆPT package' was to a significant extent contrived by way of Mother Nature's only method; namely that of Abundant Error Plagued Trials.


It should be obvious that ÆPT reflects its author's (my) worldview, aims, emotions, personal truths (i.e. background consisting of conditioning influences) and quirks.


Although ÆPT is an essentially prudent textual take on what is going on, it reflect that it was written with help of sem_antics, and that some of its prominent concEPTual features are acronymic examples of that septic or antiseptic humor also facilitated the philosophizing that led to ÆPT .


However, all the acronymic concEPTs were inspired by and attempts at emulating the apt allusiveness of the nuclear arms race shaming acronym for "Mutual(ly) Assured Destruction".


A couple of these attempts gave rise to more or less ineptly allusive acronyms but even those attempts did at least turn out to be either septic humorously or antiseptic humorously mirth-inviting.


The worst failure in this regard resulted in the most mildly septic humored concEPT of "RAT-neurons"—a concEPT that contributes to the ÆPT take on "consciousness".


Only one of the two concEPTs that are portmanteau words is not self-explanatory. Both it and the other one (actention) got fitted into the most integrative of the acronymic concEPTs (namely EAVASIVE). 


I nearly left out one other auto-explanatory portmanteau term; namely "functure"—a merger of "function" with "structure" . It is a trivial concEPT, but still; and it suits being seen to reflect the by Werner Heisenberg as if heralded and by me resorted to and doggedly applied Tolerance Principled intellectual attitude; especially the attitude I resorted to forced myself to adopt when I ran into an unavoidable grammatic/semantic cognitive dissonance when I sought to concEPTualize what became EAVASIVE.


The non self-explanatory portmanteau term might be seen as an 'almost etymologically pioneering tool' for an ÆPT grasp of ourselves.


My eclectic sometimes enjoyable and importantly also engrossing piecing together of concEPTs was was carried out in context of likewise ÆPT philosophizing facilitating sem_antics (i.e. wordplay). It all eventually resulted in my science-aligned ambitiously endeavored philosophizing's 'triumphant' (or at least almost effectively philosophy terminating) ending.


I can only hope that the acronymic concEPTs that are jocular on the surface will serve as enjoyable prophylactic tools for thought to some intercEPTee. I do although they can never serve anybody else in this way as much as they have me. 


What these acronyms can hopefully do is to be insight facilitating while helping to avert excessive psychologic turmoil triggered by certain ÆPTly addressed, exposed and explained, painful (potentially so) truths.


"ÆPT" is a spelling-space saving acronymic flag that is diversely derivable, flexibly spelt and raised. It fits as a flag for an only partly altruism embracing, perhaps targetable politically (however, the word "perhaps" was meant to indicate that almost no hope should be harboured about ÆPT becoming an instrument for prophylactic realpolitik), and it also fits being a flag for atheistic enlightenment projected textually.


Although ÆPT is the result of a seriously aimed pursuit, how it got textualized involved jocular (septic humorously and antiseptic humorously so) as well as non-jocular sem_antics.
I see ÆPT as a suitable (while somewhat facetiously flapping) flag for what is, to me, an effectively philosophy terminating take on, and understanding of, what is going on.


Along the same line of acronymic labeling, an ÆPT worldview reflects an anthropocentric evolutionary psychophysiology type of analytical thinking; a thinking approximately encouraged "Primal Theoretically' (referring to the writings of Arthur Janov).


However, ÆPT also includes a short chapter (or textual webpage) that deals with Ultimate Reality (UR) in (nearly enough) normal English. This part of ÆPT was encouraged by string/M-theory which to me is a near enough TOE-like mathematical framework, and it was promoted and 'sold' to me mainly by the mathematical physicist Luboš Motl—although Stephen Wolfram's "computational Ruliad" interpretation of UR also lends tacit support, albeit more tenuously, to the ÆPT take on our unusual, if not uniquely evolvable and evolved universe (one of an infinite number of worlds that emerge from an absolutely eternal energy patterning process that timelessly spawns universa). 


Although Primal Theory and string/M-theory are very different products of science, both emerged from recognized ingredients that can be cheekily (septic humorously) yet seriously characterised as "securely established 'pointers' that inform cogently". 

["Pointers"≈experimentally or empirically proven to be fully or largely true facts, or ditto principles of which some are prominantly underpinned by workable mathematical logic.]


RecEPTive intercEPTees would already have noticed how the flexibly spelt ÆPT flag is sometimes opportunistically raised as a word-meaning qualifier.

Main presentation:



"*ALQ*holism is the best ism" is a deceptively silly-looking (and even sillier sounding) slogan or motto that is only superficially meant to be mirth-inviting, even though it can be somewhat reasonably claimed to have been conceived in a spirit of antiseptic humor.

More importantly, under its deceptively insincere surface the motto is an earnest pointer to a hardnosed and subjectivity-snubbing definition of Absolute Life Quality (ALQ or ALQwholesomeness).

The ÆPT definition of ALQ is suggestive of a perhaps eventually (or perhaps already?) possible to engineer 'ALQ-hole' detecting and gauging brain-scanning method that would provide a precise measure of a persons ALQwholesomeness.

"ALQ" is a component of an in parts almost etymologically pioneering tiny terminology or (IOW) of a very small set of more or less insight cementing lingual lenses.

The minority of these "lenses" (conceptual grasping tools) are self-explanatory portmanteau words while the majority are more or less (in one case not at all) aptly allusive and mirth inviting results of acronym-building inspired by "MAD" (the nuclear arms race shaming acronym for Mutal[ly] Assured Destruction).

One of these portmanteau type concEPTs is "ambiadvantageous[ly adaptive]".
It is represented by the first A in the acronymic spelling of the ÆPT terminology's most integrative (hence most demanding) while also rather aptly allusive acronymic concept, namely EAVASIVE.

ALQholism (and 'ALQholist') exemplify an antiseptic humored ÆPT notion but is not serious and important enough to be classed as a concEPT.

Even so I suggest that an ALQholist is someone with an 'ÆPT enough' understanding of how and why humanity is sorely unable (typically prevented by our EAVASIVEness) to self-/socially regulate by making use of and being guided by the ÆPT definition of ALQ (including "max ALQ").

ALQ is a concEPT/definition that is hardnosed and subjectivity snubbing. It is applicable as a gauge of the ALQwholesomeness of individuals, sects, cultures, ideologies and policies. Hence it can be aimed at crushing (be of assistance to attempts to combat) "cultural relativism".

EAVASIVE is the most integrative and demanding of the acronymic concEPTs. (I even had to force myself to adopt the 'Tolerance Principled' ÆPT attitude in order to forge it.)
It will be approximately explained pedagogically to the best of my limited ability, below.

Anyhow, EAVASIVE is redundantly, and I hope thoroughly, explained at

Simply put, we are largely unable, hindered by our EAVASIVEness, to self/socially regulate optimally.

We are naturally EAVASIVEly hampered as a matter of an evolutionary principle that can be considered a sub principle or a sub heuristic to Darwin's, that of Natural Selection.

The sub heuristic can be most simply summarized as that: We, the human lineage, became uniquely adapted to make opportunity exploiting use of always haplessly incurred CURSES.

That is, in the phylogeny of fauna, fundamentally primary (intrinsic as well as environmental) Opportunity-type evolutionary pressures has naturally selected in combination or in crucially important (and ought to be perfectly obvious) 'overlap' with primarily threatening CURSES incurred from (or left behind in brains by) assorted environmentally presented (i.e. circumstantial, by ÆPT definition) survived threats of "SH imploringI" (SHI)-type.

This overlap eventually gave rise to the uniquely human EAVASIVEness (≈adaptive neuroticism)

SHI threats belong to a category of circumstantial threats (environmentally imposed predicaments or ordeals) of a character such that when for any reason ended up under (or in) adaptive (lineage-lengthening) survival requires and depends on an inhibitory function that blocks and indefinitely delays a by default sensorially driven response of distress-type.

Although a trait that manifests as lethal altruistic self-sacrifice depends on the same inhibitory function and is also a result of natural selection (specifically group selection) it is not directly relevant to the sub heuristic/principle which is what is ÆPTly explained here.

[Acts of lethal self-sacrificing altruism are the result of 'natural group selection' in the sense that the genetic recipe for the trait must already have arisen and been passed on to enough members of the original group in respect of which such a self-sacrificial altruistic behavior has proven itself adaptive enough.]

The unabbreviated ÆPT label for such an inhibitory, indefinitely distress postponing, response is Specific 'Hibernation'.

It is ÆPTly recognized as a fact, one of crucial explanatory importance, that many adverse challenges of SHI-type are of a character, and occur in social-natural lifetime settings, such that the result is a delay of distress that tends to remain as a conditioned-in state within thus challenged individuals' brain or neural "actention selection serving system" (ASSS).

The ASSS is a midlingly septic humored ÆPT concept. Exactly how clearly septic humored it appears depends on the degree of its truncation. It does of course substitute for "brain" or "Nervous System"; and it includes one of the self- or auto explanatory portmanteau terms (or ditto concEPTs).
And, it features maximally truncated right in the middle of EAVASIVE.

SHI-threats are circumstantial threats that if they are individually survived automatically leave behind or "Conditioned-in" certain corresponding, commonly chronically kept Unconscious, Reverberative States, Effecting Symptoms; or "CURSES", for short.

A CURSES (same spelling in plural) is an essentially dynamic aftermath left behind within brains by a SHI threat.

Or, put more compactly, CURSES (now plural, but the same ÆPT spelling remains) are the dynamic aftermath that SHI threats leave behind inside ASSSs (i.e. neural enough indiviuals) that end up thus challenged.

As I already, except less explicitly, mentioned "the ASSS" is maximally truncated to AS in order to serve right in the middle of EAVASIVE.

The most important point of the ÆPT heuristic is that CURSES constitute a primarily insidious internal threat, one that in the phylogeny of fauna has eventually to a uniquely human extent become an *"ambiadvantageously"* (EAVASIVEly) adapted-to evolutionary pressure.

I repeat: The first A in EAVASIVE represents the ÆPTly innovated/resorted to/contrived not at all easily) portmanteau type word or amalgam "ambiadvantageous" (evolutionary ambiadvantageousness specifically in the respect of the phylogeny of fauna and most especially in respect of the recent phylogeny of us folk).

I hope you will agree that CURSES is one of the rather successfully MAD-emulating concEPTs.

In contrast, the concEPT of "RAT neurons" represents a complete failure, in that regard. However, RAT-neurons is at least a septic humorously enjoyable important ingredient of the ÆPT take on the notion of "consciousness".

It might be worth mentioning that a genuine CURSES is, while rather aptly referred to as an "implicit memory" of a genuine threat of SHI type, 100% ÆPTly described as a: by a genuine SHI threat conditioned-in, commonly chronically kept unconscious, reverberative state effecting symptoms (typically EAVASIVE, emotional, and somatic such).

EAVASIVE symptoms are suitably seen to range from behaviors or preoccupations some of which are most subtle and sophisticated and in some cases beneficial an/or lauded, all the way to symptoms that are most glaringly insane, more or less destructive, and conventionally tending to be labeled "psychotic" rather than "neurotic".

It is of 'ÆPTly instructive' importance to emphasise that CURSES are primarily insidious states most commonly incurred early on.

It is then in our lives when SHI-type challenges are most likely to occur (having to be coped with) and to leave behind CURSES with the greatest impact on personality development (i.e. CURSES incurred early in are extra EAVASIVEness engendering).

Aside from that a CURSES type imprint is most regularly left behind by a never deliberately taken and doubtful opportunity of being given vaginal birth to, CURSES are by far most commonly incurred by for any reasons ended up under SHI threats of a social need depriving kind.

It is early on during our most formative and "self-help less" stage of our lives when SHI type predicaments or ordeals, in the form of basic social needs going chronically unmet, are most likely to occur.
Apropos which, an ÆPT example of a most basic social need is the need for reassuring stimulation through the sense of touch.

The insertion of the word "genuine", above, is meant to be a reference to that a brain can, due to the fact that "compounding" can occur.

"Compounding", as meant here, refers to the fact that neural signals generated by a CURSES (type "implicit memory") can summate with a current external source of sensory messages to reach and exceed a threshold beyond which SH is triggered and an ALQ-hole is extended/enlarged.

That is, such "compounding" can cause a not in and of itself SH imploring threat to summate with a previously survived genuine threat of SHI type that became insidiously retained as a genuine CURSES.

SHI-type predicaments or ordeals do typically involve deprivation or abuse of instinctive social needs (the most basic of which is the need to be reassuringly stimulated through physical contact involving our sense of touch). However, the in our phylogeny arisen seriously stressful and adversely challenging 'quasi opportunity' to be given vaginal birth to has been an inevitable foundational SHI-type ingredient of human psychology until rather recently, when births by way of caesarian section became possible and commonplace.

The primary ÆPT meaning of the word "Unconscious" (in context of what CURSES stands for) is:
A by neural inhibition prevented (indefinitely postponed) relay of neural messages destined to manifest as a distressfully paid actention to threat of SHI type.

In some cases a specific "CURSES" can be 'dispelled' (rerouted to not give rise to EAVASIVE preoccupations, beliefs, behaviours) if its SHI-threat specific core is "paid distressed actention to".

Such a safe dispelling of CURSES is rarely systematically pursued, whether privately or clinically so. But when it occurs it involves a deeply self-regulatory replay of a (most commonly haplessly ended up in early on) predicament of SHI type—most typically a protracted ordeal one that fits into this deservedly concEPTualised subcategory of adverse lifetime challenges.

That such a 'dispelling actention' is paid in the 'currency' of neurometabolic resources indicates and justifies the ÆPT use and meaning of "Specific Hibernation" (SH).

That is, SH is ÆPTly intended to be seen as diametrically opposed to and didactically contrasted with 'General Hibernation' (GH).
GH is merely used as a with SH contrasting explanatory reference to animals adapted to harsh and mainly climatic seasonal challenges; adapted in such a way that they instinctively prepare for and enter into a state of "hibernation" or "aestivation".

I repeat, individually survived SHI threats leave behind Conditioned-in Unconscious Reverberative States Effecting Symptoms (more compactly put as "SHI threats come CURSES".

CURSES have in our phylogeny to a crucially important (and ought to be perfectly obvious) extent combined or 'overlapped' with intrinsically as well as environmenntally present, fundamentally primary evolutionary pressures (evolutionary patterning possibilities) of Opportunity-type.

It is this (ought to be perfectly obvious) "overlap" that uniquely in the phylogeny of us folk led to that we are the only dextrous and exceptionally EAVASIVE species of animal to have ever existed on this (and quite possibly any other) planet.

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