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ÆPTly Highlighted Selective Scenarios
More ruminations about our recent phylogeny and how the lineage of "archaic humans" (prejudicially so called) stopped lengthening:    

Of greatest relevance, to how we humans function and behave individually, in groups, and on a very large coordinated scale, is an aspect of our recent phylogeny that ironically has been the least well accounted for by anthropologic evolutionary psychology type biologists/scientists/professors/academics/philosophers.



I'm referring to the complementary ÆPT perspective on how we evolved to be the most empowered and elaborately EAVASIVE of all species within Earth's biosphere.

[EAVASIVE is the most integrative of all concEPTs contrived to be expressible as acronyms.

It could not have been contrived without a resolutely applied Tolerance-principled/most pragmatic attitude combined with sem_antics as well as seriously science-aligned semantics.] 

EAVASIVE is an ÆPTly allusive approximate acronymic representation of words to the effect of:


The most exceptionally empowered and most highly Evolved, Ambiadvantageous[ly adapted] Verbal Actention [Selection Serving] System [of all anthropic apes who ever lived] Including Various Endoopiates [how I expediently refer to neuropeptides such as endorphin, enkephalin and dynorphin — i.e. neurochemicals with a widely known/published function that is instructive of the meaning of EAVASIVE while luckily also lending an acronym-ending E.

Our recent phylogeny Involved the foul fact that our EAVASIVEness pioneering and many of our merely lineage lengthening ancestors successfully took the by their environment presented (to them) opportunity to raid rape and usurp the resources under the control of neighboring family groups. The fact that our (mainly male) ancestors took these opportunities successfully depended on the ambiadvantageously adaptive genetic mutations that they carried and expressed while the members of the family groups they usurped were not 'as EAVASIVEly endowed'.


However, before one of the momentous (selective sweep causing) ambiadvantageous mutations played out in ways that naturally pruned out less EAVASIVEly evolved pockets (tribes or septs or local populations) of people, the same mutations initially paid off via sexual selection within the family group which where these mutations originated and were carried and expressed by our common modern (or on the way to become modern) human ancestors.


These (EAVASIVEness increasing) mutations conferred new or increased capabilities by which to out-compete sexual rivals and attracting mating partners within their extended family group or origin (and of course also played out this way in their circle of siblings).

This "ambiadvantageousness prioritizing" aspects of how we evolved is most commonly lacking in the accounts of the phylogeny of the fauna capable of calling themselves “folk”.


Imagine a female or male human ancestor that was EAVASIVEly enhanced in one or more ways such that it manifested in a relatively outstanding tool-making capability and a notable hunting prowess; or as an admirable and desirable food finding, gathering and processing capability; or in an "appealing and/or warrior-motivating dancing", or in enchanting singing, rythmical/hypnotic (distress defeating work and warfare assisting drumming), and admirable painting or drawing skills, or both fascinating and fanatic belief-instilling story-making/telling..... etcetera. 

Only our instinctive social correctness and a self-censoring aversion to self-shaming is what prevents all paleoanthropically oriented scientists to draw the clearly justified conclusion that our forefathers (to a greater extent than our foremothers) made a significant and violent contribution to the causes behind the fact that there are no longer populations of so called "archaic humans" (such as the Neanderthals and Denisovans) living in parallel with us currently alive (and so called "modern") humans.

The past populations of Neanderthals and Denisovans shared (with modern humans) genetic recipe changes that brought about a well balanced and habitual bipedal lifestyles and for being born through a narrowed pelvis that made a traumatic (SHI-type) birth a normal introduction to life outside the womb; and they too had a capacity for verbal communication and typically human cognitive capabilities.


However, it is ÆPT to recognize and emphasize that a relatively tiny phylogenetic divergences (debuted by ambiadvantageous mutations and those ancestors of ours who pioneered the enhanced EAVASIVE traits that these mutations conferred) became a very "telling" (i.e. archaic population terminating) difference!  


The "modern personality" arouse and manifested as an extra psychological toughness (personalities less prone to listlessness and depression); as an extra capacity to  be fanatically directed by self-made or secondhand ideas/beliefs — i.e. certain mutations made back then already existent language-functions extra capable of impacting on pain perception and cognitive awareness or, more generally and ÆPTly put, such mutations typically caused preexisting language-functions to play an even more potent role in the operation of modern humans' ASSS.

The power of hypnotic suggestions demonstrates the depth of the psychophysiological effects of our languages.

Entertaining stage performances by hypnotists (aside from clinical and research oriented uses of hypnosis) also suggest how, in hominin evolution, naturally selective lifetime challenges happened (initially within family groups and extended family groups and large tribes) via language-function related uniquely anthropic mate attracting and mating rival outmaneuvering ambiadvantageous[ly adaptive] abilities — not excluding mating rival murdering/and genocidal maneuvering! 

By language-function related (extra ambiadvantageously adaptive) abilities what is ÆPTly meant to be understood is anything from in the distant past arisen procreation promoting capacity to cooperate constructively or aggressively on an extra large scale (and more reliably and cohesively) by means of a more staunchly held ideas/beliefs. Since what is being explained is how we evolved and how we have hung on as a species at least until now, it does not whether the idealism referred to  has been is rational or reflects physical reality and self-deception as well deception of others within the extended family group where the corresponding genetic tweaks arouse and caused a most initially caused a selective sweep. The selective sweep became larger similar to a domino-effect by more efficient successful attempts to raid neighboring humans that lacked the crucial mutations (possibly only one such, for a domino effect to occur).

Many current humans carry some Neanderthal genes (that amongst else predispose to depression) and/or Denisovan genes because bride-stealing obviously occurred in conjunction with many a murderously usurping raid of archaics.

While it is of course nicer to imagine that romantic sexual encounters took place the obvious elephant in the room is that modern humans had the edge when in came to engaging in (organizing and staunchly/fanatically carry out) murderous intraspecies interactivity. [There may even have existed a possible genetic barrier against a male archaic human (Neanderthal) being able to successfully reproduce with a modern human.]

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