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"Actention" is a self-explanatory portmanteau term of ÆPT origin.

I hope I don't insult anyone by explaining, because it is so obvious, that it is an amalgam of the words "activity" and "attention".

Although "actention" is a rather self/auto-explanatory portmanteau type word (and concEPT) it might help if a try to precisely describe what I mean by it and use it in reference to:

An actention is mainly an engrossing activity of an individual animal that manifests overtly or internally as (from) a specifically inflammatory somatic activity in response to some physical injury and (to) intellectual activities/preoccupations/responses (with plenty of more or less emotionally expressive behavioral activities inbetween).

What is excluded from the meaning of "actention" is any most basically vital autonomous nervous system-involving activities, such as digestion and the kind of activity performed by hearts and lungs.

In the case of individual amoebic animals, actention only refers to 1. moving toward a sensed food-source, 2. engulfing a food item, 3. reproducing (undergoing mitosis≈giving birth to a daughter-cell), and 4. moving away from some sensed threat.

Every single engaged-in behavior or preoccupation is an actention. For example, running or day-dreaming are actentions "paid" primarily in the 'currency' of neurometabolic resources.


Actentions can also be thought of as fueled by (or, metaphorically, as most immediately financed from limited funds of) neurometabolic energy.

Apropos which, "actention modules" refers to that different actentions corresponds to different functural (or 'structional') pattern of neural activity (inhibitory as well as excitatory neural messages being generated and sent in 'brainspacetime').

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