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"Actention" is a self-explanatory portmanteau term of ÆPT origin.

I hope I don't insult anyone by explaining, because it is so obvious, that it is an amalgam of the words "activity" and "attention".

Every single engaged-in behavior or preoccupation is an actention. For example, running or day-dreaming are actentions "paid" primarily in the 'currency' of neurometabolic resources.


Actentions can also be thought of as fueled by (or, metaphorically, as most immediately financed from limited funds of) neurometabolic energy.

It ÆPTly follows that "actention modules" refers to that every different temporary preccupation or neuromuscular activity or behavior and every different 'content of consciousnessT' (that we as individuals spend primarily neurometabolic resources on) depends on a correspondingly different functural (or structional) pattern of neural activity (including inhibitory as well as excitatory neural messages being sent in 'brainspacetime').

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