Some Personal Backgrounds to ÆPT (plus a few preparatory, perhaps prematurely presented, ÆPT points)

An important driver of ÆPT was, besides basic instinctive curiosity or inquisitiveness, a MAD-inspired motivation and aspiration.  


However, my 'ÆPT pursuing' effort got its start as a very doggedly focused self-educational project by a rather sudden and self-shaming realization of how utterly ignorant an enthusiastic 'Primal Theory fan' I was, back then (decades ago).

More specifically, what I got deeply self-embarrassed about was how profoundly ignorant I was about how brains (especially my own) worked and could be expected to work.

After much relevant reading, learning, reflecting and recognizing, combined with repeated failures to formulate (conceptually cement) some along the way and much earlier gleaned gelatinous insights using conventional concepts, I eventually resorted to the following strategies:

1. acronym-building sem_antics (and other ÆPT-facilitating wordplay);

2. humor of two kinds, ÆPTly labeled "SEPTIC humor" and "antiSEPTIC humor";

3. a by Werner Heisenberg as if heralded "Tolerance Principled" intellectual attitude for coping with naturally inevitable conceptual and cognitive dissonances (and deficits).

The earliest of the "gelatinous insights" was a so called "peak experience" that involved a briefly sustained 'brain bath' in the whitest of light — a 'bath' during which the inner workings of the universe seemed to be revealed. The dimming mind’s eye afterglow of this experience left a not only completely vague but eventually also vexatious 'feeling of understanding' in its wake.

Anyhow, I claim without too much fear of shame that the ÆPT project turned into an effectively philosophy terminating and an in parts also enjoyably pert textualized take on 'what is going on'.​


P.S. I claimed so with a facetiousness and cynicisms fueled by excitatory neural states at the core of CURSES. 


CURSES is a concEPT that represents a most influential yet also most overlooked conditioned-in neural state. Such a state (or states) is more conventionally (but less ÆPTly) referred to with a euphemism such as e.g. "implicit memory". 

There exists only one example of such states being referred to with (what to me seems to be) an excessive poignancy. The expression in question is "primal pain".


CURSES are (or a CURSES is) conditioned-in by circumstantial factors of SHI-type, and at their core they are "long-term potentiated" states of excitatory threat detecting neurons. However, circumstances that impart (or condition-in)  CURSES also recruit inhibitory neural functions that block the synaptic relay of excitatory messages that specifically represent threats of "SH imploring" type. Hence, this highly specific inhibitory aspect of a CURSES can more or less reliably preclude distress by assuring a post-synaptic state that can be instructively compared to the most generally metabolically muted (behavior blocking and likely also largely consciousness cancelling) state that exists in animals that seasonally hibernate or aestivate (as an adaptation to very harsh climatic conditions). 

The inhibitory (synaptic relay blocking) aspect of a CURSES prevents — because of original circumstantial prompting by a (for any reason ended up under) threat of "Specific Hibernation Imploring" type — an excitatory pain/terror-motivating (or, generally expressed, distress-motivating) neural message from resulting in an individually or socially maladaptive (almost guaranteed to be so) effect. That is, in most but not all cases/situations, an "actention paying/focusing replay" of a past (no longer circumstantially present) SHI threat is thereby indefinitely precluded or a maladaptive distress is thereby indefinitely as if adaptively postponed. However, a curative dispelling of CURSES can in some individual cases and situations spontaneously occur or be deliberately and systematically facilitated. The most thoroughly systematized "dispelling" is to be found in the methods and theory developed by the late Arthur Janov and his closest associates.  



P.P.S. "It is ÆPT" to comprehend, and to contend, that a genuine CURSES is incurred from a for any reason and at some 'tempo' ended up under SHI threat. 

By the words "at some tempo" I meant to imply that we and other animals can end up under SHI threats tardily (and quietly) as well as speedily.

I think it is important to resist the widespread tendency to pay relatively scant attention to and to underestimate the importance of "tardily (and quietly) traumatizing" threats.

[I used the 'traditional' but tacky Freudian term only because it allowed for a nicely alliterative expression/phraseology/textual representation.] 

Dramatic action-packed threats of SHI type (ditto perils, predicaments or ordeals) are much more easily accounted for.

Many a CURSES incurred by a "slow SHI threat" contribute greatly to EAVASIVE human behaviors — some of which are socially or socioeconomically accepted or lauded and beneficial, while others are not.   


To facilitate and ameliorate the ÆPT view and understanding of what is going on — do so "SEPTIC" humor — it apt to not just think in terms of "that individuals incur CURSES from ended up under circumstantial threats of SHI type" but also to think (and understand the ÆPT meaning of) that: "To the extent that 'SHI type predicaments or ordeals are survived they leave CURSES behind in thus challenged individuals' brains or in their respective neural ASSSs (actention selection serving system)".

[Only one other SEPTIC humor representing concEPTual ingredient of ÆPT has not this far been mentioned on this web page; This ingredient is the ÆPT notion (concEPT) of RAT-neurons.]

However, an entirely nice and squeaky clean antiSEPTIC humored aspect of ÆPT is available to be perused elsewhere in this website of ÆIMC Internetional Ptd. Lty.😇


From the ÆPT perspective on our (we people's) evolution and behavior, what constitutes an ÆPT heuristic — one as if descended from Darwin's, or 'posthumously donated' by him — is the realization of the effect (one that has become unique or exceptional in phylogeny of us folk) of the simple and obvious fact that environmental (not discounting but leaving aside intrinsic) evolutionary pressures (features/factors) of Opportunity-type have paralleled and combined with the above-mentioned 2 examples of evolutionary selection pressures of "Threat-type" (both primarily 'pruning' in character); namely SHI threats and their aftermath in the form of (likewise in a natural selective sense primarily 'naturally pruning') "CURSES". 

In other words, the ÆPT heuristic is a recognition of that (uniquely in our phylogeny) "ambiadvantageously" adaptive mutations and naturally selective lifetime challenges [consisting of 'an evolutionary pressure trifecta' one consisting of 1. environmental and intrinsic evolutionary opportunities 'overlapping' with 2. circumstantial threats of SHI type and 3. by such threats most commonly lifelong accumulated consequence in the form of CURSES] have resulted in our "Evolved Ambiadvantageous Verbal Actention Systems Incorporating Various Endorphins" [i.e. "endorphins" was chosen amongst much else but because it is a both instructive and acronym completing brain-science-established notion].

This heuristic insight got formulated in a most pragmatically contrived way so as to be expressible (with grammatical and semantic 'elasticity') as EAVASIVE.

It is ÆPT to contend that our EAVASIVEness is unique —  unique also compared to the now extinct "archaic humans"; It is in that when inevitably pitted against our modern ancestors the archaic humans would have tended to "draw the short straw" because of having a lesser EAVASIVE capacity to remain staunchly motivated and well enough organised in face of not only but most especially situational combinations of 1. exploitable opportunities such as not least the opportunity to raid and usurp neighboring human or hominine family groups, and 2. situationally associated threats (also including CURSES put by past threats of SHI type).


I think this heuristic perspective becomes clearer (or more easily justified) if one divides the loose but nonetheless ÆPT notion of an Evolutionary Pressure Totality (EPT) into two philosophically obvious "septs" — i.e. into to categories of a chiefly Darwinian EPT; Namely 1. fundamentally leading constructive/procreation promoting "Opportunity-type pressures", and 2. fundamentally trailing and primarily 'naturally pruning' (or destructively naturally selective) "Threat-type pressures".