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Some Personal Backgrounds to ÆPT (plus some preparatory but perhaps prematurely presented points)


ÆPT is the result of instinctive curiosity or inquisitiveness reinforced with motivating neural messages (action potentials) 'siphoned off' (rerouted) from CURSES-type "implicit memories" incurred from early on in my life.

However, ÆPT got its 'intellectual start' as a doggedly focused self-educational pursuit because of a rather sudden self-shaming realization of how utterly ignorant an enthusiastic 'Primal Theory fan' I was (back then, decades ago).

More specifically, what I got deeply self-embarrassed about was how profoundly ignorant I was about how brains (especially my own) worked and could be expected to work (as Primal Theoretically promised) in respect of a self-regulatory "dispelling of CURSES".

The ÆPT expression refers to a self-regulatory reprocessing of an "implicit memory" (of CURSES type) incurred from a no longer circumstantially under threat of SH-imploring type.

"Dispelling of CURSES" can happen spontaneously but it seldom does because of in people's lives commonplace circumstantial pressures.

However, a near enough optimal clinical or private application of Primal Theory faciltitates and makes this kind of (CURSES-dispelling) self-regulation far more likely to occur.

After much relevant reading, learning, reflecting and recognizing, combined with copious failures to get a satisfying grasp on some vaguely sensed truths, using conventional concepts, I eventually resorted to the following strategies:

1. acronym-building sem_antics (and other ÆPT-facilitating wordplay);

2. humor of two kinds, ÆPTly labeled "septic humor" and "antiseptic humor";

3. a by Werner Heisenberg as if heralded "Tolerance Principled" intellectual attitude for coping with naturally inevitable conceptual and cognitive dissonances and deficits.

Long before I got preoccupied in ways that resulted in ÆPT I had acquired a mere 'feeling of knowing' caused by a once off "peak experience" (so called) that involved a momentarily sustained 'brain bath' in the whitest of mind's-eye light — a 'bath' during which the inner workings of the universe seemed to be revealed. The dimming afterglow of this experience left a not only completely vague but eventually also vexatious 'feeling of understanding' in its wake.


Anyhow, I claim without too much fear of shame that the ÆPT project turned into an effectively philosophy terminating and in parts also aenjoyable, pertly textualized take on 'what is going on'.​

I claimed so with a facetiousness and cynicisms partly fueled (endogenously co-motivated) by excitatory neural states at the core of CURSES. 

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