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An "implicit memory" is the core of any CURSES.

Here are 2 links to relevant ÆPT-aligned information:

There is no better (more instructive) indicator of the profound self- and social regulatory function of our human languages than examples of the power of hypnosis.

Here is a particularly strong example (provided by Darren Brown):

Here is a TEDX lecture "Is Hypnosis Fake?" Hypnotist stuns TEDX crowd"

Next follows a link that can serve as a reference to how we humans have until recently have had only one way — a 'gauntlet kind of way' — of being born (and giving birth); a way that inevitably involved ending up under the most regular and most natural of "SHI threats" and thereby getting a corresponding CURSES naturally "put" (conditioned-in) into the brain:

Next follows a link to a short TED speech by Yuval Harari. He shines ÆPT-aligned light on human history and prehistory and also on how we humans differ from our closest living evolutionary cousins the chimps. (Also, by politically incorrect implication, what he points out about how we differ from the chimps can be tentatively extrapolated to a vague view of how technologically advanced current human races differ from the least technologically advanced current human races.)

What Caused Life's Major Evolutionary Transitions? 

What is Chemical Evolution?

Does the Theory of Evolution Really Matter?

What animals are thinking and feeling, and why it should matter | Carl Safina | TEDxMidAtlantic" on YouTube

Here is a link to ÆPT-aligned political view of human affairs: 

Lauren Southern's EU speech "Changing My Mind On Immigration"

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