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Hypnosis reflects an aspect of EAVASIVE

All known and documented spectacular examples of hypnosis (produced with help of persons who are extra susceptible to hypnotic suggestions) serve as an ÆPTly recognized 'tip-of-the-iceberg indication' of the in-depth regulatory reach and power of our language-enabling brain functions.

The cognitive, emotional, somatic and motor-behavioral effects of hypnosis are pointers to the aptness of the acronym EAVASIVE [=EAV{erbal}ASIVE].

[EAVASIVE is a concEPTual tool contrived specifically to enable a both thorough and broad grasp (or to be a lingual lens that enables a revealing view) of ourselves.


EAVASIVE is the most integrative of all concEPTs designed to be expressible as acronyms. What it stands for implies or indirectly refers how in our relatively recent phylogeny certain momentous ambiadvantageous mutations allowed the individuals who pioneered them to be naturally selected; and the selective advantages referred to by EAVASIVE are possible to understand in greater depth as well as breadth through the lens of this concEPT than through a conventional expression such as "mutations in our phylogeny that conferred selective advantages of neuroticism". 

EAVASIVE was contrived with an aim to achieve an explanatory potency that is broader and more in depth than its closely related Freudian and post-Freudian terminology. EAVASIVE might also be less likely to lend itself to derogatory connotations, compared with "neuroses" or "neuroticism".] 

The ÆPT meaning of EAVASIVE does to a large and important extent include that our languages can tap into and direct or redirect (and to a limited extent also suppress) our instinctive drives and conditioned-in motivations. This has resulted in more or less unconsciously motivated more or less fanatically expressed trusting or convinced attitudes. E.g. the almost universal human  attitude to money, or fervently held religious or quasi-religious beliefs — not just theistic types of superstitious beliefs but also the "climate warming" (weazle-reworded to "climate change") craze (that holds carbon dioxide to be the chief devil. The 'anti-carbondioxide craze' is one very wide-spread example of the "irrationally and fanatically neurotic" results of EAVASIVE.    

Our language functions can also achieve 'perception preventing' and 'behavior blocking' effects; And, they can contribute to how we maintain a "selective unconsciousness".

In other words our language functions make a significant contribution to our brains' ongoing lifetime preconscious selection between some of our different and as if mutually competing actention modules (i.e. a selection between those that exist and are intact within individual human ASSSs).

Not all of our innate or developmentally prepared actention modules get selected to manifest as a temporarily "paid" actention (i.e. some preoccupation or behavior), but the stage hypnotists demonstrates how our language functions can be involved in selecting what we pay actention to, and how.   

Our uniquely great capacity to verbalize has also been an essential enabler of Science. 

That our language functions play a significant role in self- and social regulation should be obvious. However, we must try extra hard not to forget that our exceptional lingual abilities also provide us with a capacity to deceive (and mislead) both ourselves and others. If you need evidence for this just take a look at current and historical political shenanigans.

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