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What is sorely absent, and sadly likely to remain so, in human affairs is a 'sticky' (memetic) concept with a science-aligned definition so compelling that it gets to be used as a guide and gauge of realpolitik. 


Such a most likely never to be used concept might lurk in obscurity on the Internet in the form of the subjectivity snubbing and 'quantification encouraging' concept/definition of "Absolute Life Quality" (ALQ) or "ALQwholesomeness".


"ALQwholesomeness" is accompanied by a complementary armoury of just a few complementary concepts that are likewise warranted thanks to by science established principles that inform cogently.


Altogether, these concepts amount to a terminology that is the backbone of what can be described as, amongst else, an (almost) effectively philosophy terminating and atheistic enlightenment promoting (or projectimg and preserving) textual 'package'.


It is also apt to describe the package as an altruism entailing philosophical take on what is going on, but only because it includes the concept/definition of ALQwholesomeness. 

However, the package also includes a few supplementary ingredients; some of which are philosophy finishing; other ingredients have mainly been philosophising facilitating.

This 'package' and, for good measure, also how it got assembled🤓, is facetiously referred to as, and  flagged with, "ÆPT". 

"ÆPT" is a spelling-space saving 'fusion style' version of the less fancy looking acronym AEPT. 😉


"ÆPT" is both flexibly spelt and flexibly raised—sometimes as a word-meaning modifier or qualifier. 

For example: While "ÆPT" can be aptly derived from many a sequence of 4 words, all derivations to "ÆPT" from derogatory (or irrelevant) word-strings are 'unaccEPTable'.😼  

[By the way, what is required in or order for a perceptive (not percEPTive) intercEPTees to be at least somewhat recEPTive (even if not completely recEPTive to the way ÆPT was written—was with alliterative sem_antics, MAD-inspired acronym-building ambition, by CURSES co-motivated Primal Theory inspired in-depth insights, philosophizing facilitating jocularity, and just a few more intellectually adopted and applied ingredients) is that they have acquired enough ÆPTly relevant pointers that have been provided mainly by fields of science that together cover why we behave the ways we do largely because of how our brains work and how we evolved and develop.] 

Of the concEPTs contrived to be expressed as acronyms, three (only 3) are mirth-inviting in a more or less distinctly "septic humoured" way.

The septic humoured allusiveness of the 'fully abbreviated (acronymic) version of "SH imploring threats" (by ÆPT definition exclusively circumstantial such) is entirely appropriate (even 'distinKtly’, and deservedly so by what it represents). 

In contrast, "RAT neurons" is a concEPT whose septic humoured acronymic allusiveness is completely inept and justified purely for the fun it offers. 

Nonetheless, "RAT-neurons" seriously refers to "Reticular Activating Type" neurons—a functural aspect of brains that contributes to how "consciousness" is ÆPTly understood.


The likewise septic humoured ÆPT alternative to the word "brain" is "actention selection serving system" (ASSS). 

ASSS has been pragmatically truncated to serve right in the middle of the most integrative and demanding of the aptly allusive acronymic concEPTs, namely "EAVASIVE". 


An ASSS is, by its ÆPT definition, neural and does at the very least consists of the functures that enable the tiny repertoir of behaviors (just a few mutually exclusive actention) that an individual amoebic (single celled) animal is capable of manifesting. Moreover, an ASSS is not necessarily "central" since the concEPT is meant to also encompass certain highly evolved invertebrate animals: see


Of the 3 concEPTs that are of portmanteau type, two are near enough self-explanatory. Those two, they were included in the previous paragraph, are "functure" and "actention".


"Functure" might be a slightly superfluously contrived concEPT, wheras "actention" is a more important component of ÆPT.


The remaining portmanteau type concEPT, namely "ambiadvantageous", is not self-explanatory even though it approximately encodes/points to a simple 'sub heuristic' relative to Darwin's heuristic. 


This ÆPT (sub) heuristic can be explained/stated as follows: 


“Ambiadvantageous” mutations (typically pleiotropic such) confer a new or greater (or at least not a deteriorated) threat-handling capacity while also a new or greater opportunity-exploiting capability to their individual pioneers and their descendants. 


Our early human ancestors who pioneered these recent and not too numerous momentous (rapidly selective sweep causing) ambiadvantageous mutations were thus provided with a superior competitiveness in the mating game. 


That is, “sexual selection” was the initial phase of how these momentous ambiadvantageous mutations got naturally selected by intra-species competition within the extended family group into which these pioneers of ambiadvantageousness were born.


These momentously ambiadvantageous pleiotropic mutations soon became "fixed" in (or 'a phenotyping fixture of') their small and local population (extended family group) of origin. 

However, although the competitive advantage of these ambiadvantageous mutations initially played out and became fixed within their family group of origin they would subsequently have resulted in something akin to a domino-effect; one manifested by successful raids on and usurpations of neighbouring human family groups or tribes—the individuals of which exemplified geno/phenotypes “evolved to a less ambiadvantageous extent’ (were less “EAVASIVE”).


Very approximately estimated, the first of these our EAVASIVEness pioneering and also selective sweep starting hominid ancestors (all most likely to have been males) may have been given birth to well after our human lineage had already evolved to being represented by individuals who, while their brains were still small (chimp-sized), manifested a physio-anatomy for a well balanced bipedal posture and gait that was also fit for running and for efficient throwing/wielding of both defensive and offensive weapons (no more fancy than stones and sticks).


As EAVASIVEness emerged, presumably (but almost surely) together with an increased brain volume, enough of a pre-evolved neurohormonal capacity to survive being born (and to give birth) would have existed. It would have in part because the pelvic region of our bipedal while chimp-brained hominid ancestors had already been precariously narrowed along with mutations that brought about their ambiadvantageous (except not in the ÆPT sense meant by EAVASIVE) gains brought by their transition to well-balanced bipedalism. 


[It might be worth mentioning in passing that all our ancestors did obviously manage to stay alive long enough to procreate (or were alert and lucky enough to not fall prey, drown, etcetera).]


The competition specific to “sexual selection” is easily imagined. That is, the outcome of the competition between mating rivals (what "sexual selection" mainly refers to) is rather easy to imagine and give realistic examples of, so I won’t spend time on providing examples here. 


Anthropogeny (humankind’s evolution) involved a selective advantage 'enjoyed' by EAVASIVEness expressing individuals. Or, more specifically, natural selection did (did as a matter of a sub heuristic relative to Darwin’s heuristic) prioritise EAVSIVEness. 


After the initial “fixing” of the ambiadvantageous mutations in our recent phylogeny—a fixing by way of sexual selection within their extended family group of origin—what typically tended to follow was usurpations coupled with the occasional bride stealing of less ambiadvantageously endowed (less EAVASIVE) neighbouring extended family groups of human (or hominids)—not denying the possibility of nicer-to-imagine romantic rendez-vous between relatively archaic and relatively modern humans (or hominids).


The ‘raw meaning’ of “an ambiadvantageous mutation” (in not necessarily only our phylogeny) is that it confers (or conferred) a new opportunity exploiting capability while providing an added or at least not a worsened ability to cope in face of no less natural and in parallel challenging threats.


However, as far as all possible sensory detected threats are concerned, the focus of ÆPT is put on threats of “SH imploring” type and on their insidious conditioned-in aftermath, namely CURSES. 


What "SH" stands for, and how it is meant to be understood, is explained here.


As with all threats that 'demand to be coped with' they will either succumbed to individually or group selective-out, or else adaptively survived either individually or group selectively (sometimes by way of self-sacrifice).  


Conversely, what is meant by "ambiadvantageous" is the recognition that in the course of the phylogeny of fauna mutations (new geno/phenotypes) have to a significant extent been 'naturally sifted' by lifetime challenge of opportunity type and threat type that have impacted largely simultaneously. 


However, again, in the context of ÆPT threats of SHI type, come CURSES, are of extra explanatory importance.    


"Ambiadvantageous" got contrived in the fraught effort to concEPTualise "EAVASIVE".


EAVASIVE is the most integrative and demanding of the acronymic concEPTs.


It may require a by Werner Heisenberg as if heralded "Tolerance Principled" intellectual attitude in order to cope with that EAVASIVE is derived from a defining statement with an unavoidably built-in semantic dissonance.


How "ambiadvantageous" plays its acronym-building and 'EAVASIVEness co-defining' role is revealed in that EAVASIVE is derived from “Evolved Ambiadvantageous[ly adaptive pleiotropic and selective sweep causing mutations pioneered exclusively by common ancestors of us humans—not of other apes or simians, nor of any other fauna] Verbal Actention Selection [Serving Systems] Incorporating Various Endorphins”. 


"Endorphin" is of course only one amongst many other neurotransmitters/modulators involved in how we behave and how brains work; however, the widely reported function of endogenous opioids is instructive; and "Endorphins", meant/used generically, provides a valuable acronym finishing "E".


"Actention" is an amalgam of attention and action (or activity), and it refers to anything from mainly mental preoccupations (e.g. mathematical or philosophical such) to mainly physical preoccupations/behaviours (e.g. different sporting activities). Even a behaviour as brief and reflexive as a so called “orienting reflex” can be ÆPTly classified as an "actention". 


[By the way, what is ÆPTly meant by “Science” is a knowledge know-how and technology accumulating 'process' or 'trend'; a process that is manifested to a unique and exceptional extent/magnitude by us humans because of our language-functions combined with our earlier or in pleiotropic tandem emerged cognitive, dextrous and bipedal traits. 


Science may eventually 'prove' that the evolvability of this universe can cause a biological evolutionary lineage to stop lengthening but not before it gives rise to a non-biological off-shoot that replaces it.



Just for fun, I claim that since ÆPT is marketed conspicuously on the Internet by a Fairyland registered information and insight disseminating, and provocative opinions outputting, agency/think tank; one suitably referred to as ÆIMC Internetional Ptd. Lty..😉

Moreover, because of the claim that ÆIMC is an agency/think tank aligned with by Science established “pointers” (or principles) that inform cogently”, and because the ÆPT perspective or outlook on what is going on is the result of a notably "MAD"-inspired endeavor and is also naturally off-putting to all but the most recEPTive of intercEPTees, it is apt to describe ÆIMC as a 'SEPTIC think tank'.🥴



ÆPT offers a potently truth-pinning (while pert in parts) explanation of what is going on—does so not least in that it explains, exposes, and may ideally be used for shaming inept (≈destructively neurotic) individuals in powerful society-shaping positions. 


This 'shaming aim' is a less lofty/less hopeless goal to aim for than it is to aim/hope for that the concept/definition of Absolute Life Quality becomes a catalyst and universal guide (and a versatile measuring rod) for an ALQwholesomeness elevating political trend.


Nevertheless, it can be nice😈 to imagine that if used as a versatile measuring rod, ALQ (and its definition) would serve as, for example, a means by which to ‘crush cultural relativism’.


Luckily, there is a silver lining to the sadly low likelihood that the concept of ALQwholesomeness ever get to be impactfully implemented. 

That is, it appears as if ALQ was conceived in a squeaky clean spirit of "antiseptic humour", and that it lends itself to be assertively expressed as a mirth-inviting slogan/motto. 

Namely, "ALQholism is the best ism!"


The motto is daft looking, but under its silly surface it refers to a serious and in-depth awareness, relevant knowledge, understanding and attitude.


Besides, ÆPT would also never have been produced without persistent and automatic borrowing of Mother Nature's lone method—the by Charles Darwin gleaned method of 'abundant error plagued trialing'.


While not all concEPTual components of ÆPT are expressed as acronyms those that are reflect their "MAD"-inspired origin.

That is, the acronymic concEPTs are the result of not always successful attempts to emulate the apt allusiveness of the famous "nuclear arms race shaming" acronym for "Mutually Assured Destruction".


What follows are some examples of some not already exemplified apt descriptions of ÆPT (exclusively accEPTable such) from which the facetiously waved "ÆPT" flag can be derived.


"ÆPT" can be a flag for a mainly (but not only) 'anthropocentric evolutionary psychophysiology type' understanding.

However, ÆPT is best of all suited to be characterized as "an extended Primal Theoretical" understanding. 


["Primal Theory" is a corrected and refined 'descendant' of Sigmund Freud's theory. It is found in books authored mainly by the late Arthur Janov; especially, as far as I'm concerned, the book "Primal Man, The New Consciousness", co-authored by the late Michael Holden.] 


Of all the concEPTs (insight facilitating lingual lenses—cut and polished with naturally imperfect precision), "ALQwholesomeness" is the only one that justIfies deriving "ÆPT" from something like an "*altruism entailing* politically targetable platform-terminology on which to understand what is going on; do so with unusually strong, while also entertainment providing, traction.


In slightly different words: 

ÆPT offers a 'gnosticism garrotting' grasp of what is going on; does so partly by means of assorted "skojigt klargörande" (Swedish for funnily explanatory) tools for thought (insight facilitating lingual lenses).


Moreover, ÆPT can be seen as the result of mainly but not only anthropogeny emphasizing philosophical tinkering, and it can also be accEPTably described as (and derived from) an atheistic enlightenment preserving (or projecting) textualized take (or a ditto textual grasp) on what is going on.


Apropos which: ÆPT does also include a very simple fundamental 'physics oriented outlook' on Ultimate Reality (UR) and a likewise simple take on the notion of "consciousness" (a notion normally less than ÆPTly understood).


The very simple ÆPT perspective on UR (in near enough normal English) is partly warranted by string/M-theory—the only TOE-like mathematical framework in fundamental physics. 


A really facetious (temeritously cheeky) claim about ÆPT is that the peripheral inclusion of a by mathematics and string/M-theory inspired and underpinned take on UR into ÆPT makes it logically legitimate to insinuate (and have fun doing so) that ÆPT is a FOOT-hold on what is going on. 

(FOOT as in a 'foremost overview of truth'.👽)


Back to ALQwholesomeness!


ALQwholesomeness is referring to an aspect of our neuropsychophyisiology that is sufficiently amenable to be assessed; perhaps it is already even possible to directly measure the degree of ALQ in individual brains (concEPTualised as *Actention* Selection Serving Systems—a concEPT maximally truncated to "AS") by estimating the amount of ALQ-holes therein—"the fewer the ALQ-holes the higher the ALQwholesomeness".


We are of course not the only brainy fauna with naturally varied degrees of ALQwholesomeness. And, we are not the only species the individuals of which are commonly incurring CURSES.


A CURSES is incurred from a  circumstantial threat of "specific 'hibernation' (SH) imploring" type. 

CURSES are internal neural states consisting of originally blocked and adaptively postponed, and also in most subsequent lifetime circumstances delayed, distress. 


CURSES are caused, not only in human lives, by predicaments or ordeals of "SH imploring" type that "demand" that a distress-type response is indefinitely postponed. 


Such circumstantial threats have throughout the phylogeny of fauna tended to naturally select-for corresponding (distress blocking and indefinitely delaying) functures.


"CURSES" is an/the ÆPT alternative to: 


"Engram/s"—an overly euphemistic concept in use among members of a loopy but shrewdly established (as a tax-excempt church) sect-like organisation;


"Primal pain" (an easily too poignant concept that is part of the jargon found in books by Arthur Janov);


"Traumatic memory"—an example of the tacky (meaning muddling and misleading) but by far most commonly in use Freudian terminology.


"CURSES" is the shortest possible spelling-version (longer once may be needlessly spooky looking) of this acronymic concEPT. 


And, CURSES is meant to be seen as derived (abbreviated or eclectically 'extracted') from the following word-sequence: 

commonly Conditioned-in, commonly kept chronically Unconscious, Reverberative spiking States, Effecting ("EAVASIVE", emotional & somatic) Symptoms.


[Just as a reminder: EAVASIVE ≈ "Evolved Ambiadvantageous{ly adaptive} Verbal Actention {selection serving} System ...".]


All brainy enough animals incur a CURSES when ending up under a threat of SHI type.  


However, WE ARE THE ONLY animal species that (the individuals of which) handle CURSES EAVASIVEly or do so to the exceptionally varied extent that we do. What this "handling" involves is that action potentials, sent by SHIT detecting sensory-motivational neurons at the core of any CURSES, are as if 'syphoned off' and provide a sub/unconscious source of motivation or co-motivation for "EAVASIVE actentions".

This "syphoning" is a consequence of neural sprouting combined with a somewhat probabilistic and redundant neural wiring during early brain development.

And, what kinds of EAVASIVE symptoms are possible and manifested also depends on  genetically determined functural proximities within our ASSSs (modular neural Actention Selection Serving Systems).


EAVASIVE actentions ≥ neurotic behavior.


EAVASIVEness ≥ neuroticism.


Narcissism = self-centered neuroticism.


EAVASIVEness = altruistic neuroticism as well as self-centered neuroticism.


EAVASIVE refers to how humans handle CURSES and to how we uniquely evolved to do so more or less beneficially (including disastrously and horrifically).


Leaving aside somatic and purely emotional symptoms (of CURSES), EAVASIVE symptoms include by CURSES co-motivated attitudes, beliefs, and from mainly physical to mainly intellectual pursuits or preoccupations.

Some EAVASIVE actentions may deliver some immediate delight but if some that don't do so may hold some promise (or involve a hope) of an eventual reward. In some people with some sort of sufficient talent their EAVASIVEness can result in a large socioeconomic reward. 


Our EAVASIVE (non-psychotic) actentions (ditto behaviors) do at the very least prevent a perilously overloading onslaught of distress-motivating excitatory neural messages; a neural signalling with a charge value corresponding to the usually more than one predicament or ordeal of SHI type that caused a corresponding CURSES to be left behind and accumulate in the brain (ASSS).


"EAVASIVE behaviors" {ditto pursuits/preoccupation beliefs attitudes} can be conventionally approximately expressed, with less depth and bredth and with more implied derogation, as "neurotic" ditto.


That is, we got functurally equipped (by our phylogeny) to handle CURSES not merely by means of functures that block neural messages destined for synaptic transmission to manifest as a maladaptive distress-type response and by means of the most basic functional principle (relevant in all fauna) behind "selective actention". 


The ÆPT interpretation of "selective attention" is as follows:


Within our developmentally and otherwise readied individual neural Actention Selection Serving Systems' repertoir of incompatible "actention modules", there is an ingoing competition, by means of mutual intermodular inhibition, that allows some actention modules to become temporarily dominant (to hold the winner's trophy temporarily) and get primarily neurometabolically 'paid' (invested in) and to become more or less intensely 'focused'; this while others remain merely potentially paid, possibly simply by lacking sensorially supplied motivation or by being if kept in an abiding (≈subliminal) state by competing environmental demands.


This  'competition' between incompatible actention modules is no less ÆPT seen as 'cheered on' or 'booed' by an 'audience' that can be thought to consist of current, of conditioned-in past, and via epigenetic imprinting weighing in, milieu factors/influences.


I repeat, CURSES (genuine such) are incurred most commonly early on from circumstantial threats (predicaments or ordeals) of "specific 'Hibernation' imploring" (SHI) type.


The acronym EAVASIVE was contrived to encapsulate the uniquely human ways with which CURSES—not SH imploring threats!—can be and are coped with, and how these "ways" came about. 


Manifestations of our "EAVASIVE human ways" include our exceptionally varied Arts and Crafts, and our (absolutely unique) scientific and technological achievements.


Ironically, all ÆPTly (concEPTually) cemented truths about what is going on have emanated from an animal species the individuals of which have a capacity to call themselves "folk" and are conceited enough to have labelled themselves (ourselves) "homo sapiens sapiens".

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