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About Primal Theory/Therapy

Primal Theory/Therapy (PT/T) is a much improved descendant of Freud's theory and psychotherapy. 

It is now a rather optimally described theory; and the therapy is likewise optimally instructed and systematized [chiefly by the late Arthur Janov].

Ideally, Primal Therapy is a carefully facilitated self-regulatory process that gradually 'dispel' CURSES. 

Spontaneous CURSES-dispelling self-regulation can only take place in some sufficiently safe (and otherwise conducive to such self-regulation) lifetime settings. 

Assisted re-self-regulatory CURSES-dispelling ('post traumatic state disolving') responses typically but not necessarily requires that the recipients of such assistance have learnt about (and/or gained a sufficiently deep intuitive understanding of) that and approximately how a properly/safely facilitated "primal therapy" proceeds.

Proper Primal Therapy (PT) is a systematized, theoretically underpinned optimal facilitation of a safely CURSES-dispelling re-self-regulatory response.

Primal therapeutic self-healing involves so called "primaling"; That is, a paying of a fullest and deepest possible actention to past SHI threats internally preserved as corresponding CURSES.

The primal process must not be pushed but occur very gradually because of the perilous potential of genuine CURSES.

Reardless of whether such 'dispelling' occur spontaneously or with assistance, it involves a replay of postponed distress-type responses to past SH imploring (SHI) threats.

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