About Primal Theory

Primal Theory (PT) is a science-aligned theory that is now also applied as an in writing optimally instructed [chiefly by the late Arthur Janov and his widow France Janov] and systematized approach to psychotherapy.


Ideally, Primal Therapy is a unique, carefully facilitated, self-regulatory (neuropsychophysiological) process that 'dispel' CURSES; Such 'dispelling' is done by as far as realistically possible allowing a spontaneous replay of postponed distress type responses to past SH imploring threats to occur within correspondingly encumbered ASSSs. 

Primal Theory/therapy is a greatly improved (cleaned-up, straightened-out and deepened) 'descendant' of Freud's original theory and psychotherapy.


PT reflects an uncommonly thorough recognition of that

1. both speedily or tardily "traumatizing" (SHI type) circumstantial influences leave behind corresponding CURSES. 

2. that CURSES type "implicit memories" incurred from SHI threats most commonly (but not only) ended up under early on in our lives do most strongly co-determine how we subsequently develop and later behave — do so in more or less socially acceptable/approved or disapproved of EAVASIVE ways.

Described using the ÆPT terminology and sem_antics, what Primal Theory points out is that and how implicit memories (automatically established per traumatizing threats) of CURSES type are incurred from ended-up-under SH-imploring threats and that their CURSES type aftermath can, in some cases, of mature enough persons who are situated in safe and suitably facilitating environmental settings, be beneficially self-regulated-to by a gradual opening up of the closed synaptic gates whereby "Specific/synaptic Hibernation Imploring" (SHI)  threats were originally coped with.

That is, many people have the self-regulatory capacity to dispel at least one CURSES in a way that involves paying optimally in-depth "post traumatic" actention to (or to "at last" respond to) the specific lifetime circumstance (predicament or ordeal) that originally caused a CURSES (type of implicit memory) to be conditioned-in.

[By the way, CURSES is the shortest possible acronym (that also most obviously appears as an aptly allusive noun) for a word-string that can be as long as Conditioned-in commonly kept chronically Unconscious Reverberating (or repercussing) 'synaptically sequestered' (so subconscious) States Effecting (EAVASIVE & somatic) Symptoms.]


A CURSES is a dynamic state in that it generates excitatory neural messages that while being indefinitely kept unconscious (by gated synapses) are typically also rerouted (this thanks to neural plasticity and psychoanatomical proximities) toward in many (but far from all) cases advantageously addictive EAVASIVE behavioral symptoms.

EAVASIVE is a concEPT that was pragmatically tailored so as to be expressible as an aptly allusive acronym that can substitute for the inEPT and largely derogatory (and also less in-dEPTh) word "neurotic".​