The dual ÆPT meaning of "MAD-inspired"

1. The nuclear arms race shaming acronym for “Mutual Assured Destruction” made a profoundly pleasing and lasting impression on me.

2. The 2nd meaning is not as straightforward in that MAD-inspired also refers to that an 'endogenously pumped' tendency (a tendency that stems from more than one, early on in conditioned-in, crucially important neural source of co-motivation) to get disproportionately and inappropriately mad (enraged) or to at other times be assiduously engaged philosophically (to the effect that ÆPT came about).

Of course, this meaning of "MAD-inspired" implies that a myriad of behaviors/preoccupations other than "flying off the handle at the drop of a hat" and a relatively harmless and satisfyingly concluded 😎 pursuit of a gnosticism garroting ÆPT grasp and understanding (the result of my by intent science-aligned explanation pursuing travail) can be likewise endogenously co-motivated. 

In the case of all the factors that led to ÆPT, the truths that were percEPTively tracked down and eventually pinned textually down are mainly to do with human evolution and psychology; though a further atheism-cementing and effectively philosophy terminating conclusion about Ultimate Reality — about UR in normal English (or at least the conclusion was written without resorting to MAD-inspired acronym-building) — also became part of ÆPT. 

It is ÆPT to recognize that very many (perhaps most) human behaviors and preoccupations are symptoms in the sense that they are to an important extent co-motivated by early on conditioned-in and since then also more or less successfully kept synaptically blocked endogenous sources of excitatory neural messages — messages representing survived (thus coped with) and for any reasons ended up under circumstantial threats (challenges) of a "traumatizing" type.

Such primarily insidious conditioned-in states in peoples brains are how impending would-be maladaptive actentions (ditto behaviors/responses) of distress type are kept postponed (hence kept "selectively unconscious"/not "actended" to).

How these conditioned-in states are uniquely as if 'siphoned off and derived co-motivational fuel from' by/within human brains (anthropic actention selection serving systems) has on the whole been adaptive in our evolution. However, there is no guarantee that it will continue to be so. 


How far into the future of the 'anthropic evolutionary patterning trajectory' our unique capacity to cope in potent and creative  elaborately ambiadvantageously adaptive ways will continue is impossible to know.


The MAD-inspired, expressible as an acronym, concEPT (ÆPT concept) that refers to our "ambiadvantageously adaptive ways" of behaving (coping) and how these behaviors evolved, is "EAVASIVE". 


In other words, EAVASIVE can be ÆPTly described as a most general yet even so in-dEPTh pointer to the origin(s) and manifestations of behaviors that are uniquely anthropic (exclusively human), exceptionally elaborate (complex) and potently technology&art producing (thus in a broad sense creative) in character.


The more in-depth aspects of the ÆPT meaning of EAVASIVE refer to that and how we humans are able to exploit environmental (evolutionary) opportunities with behaviors and preoccupations co-motivated by conditioned-in chronically kept unconscious reverberating states effecting such "symptoms" (i.e. a great variety of on balance thus far sufficiently survival serving behaviors or preoccupations).


Such endogenously co-motivating states have been ÆPTly conceptualized (re-concEPTualized) — again in a MAD-inspired manner — as CURSES

The sources of the co-motivational messages implied by the concEPT of CURSES can be simply and crudely (approximately) considered to consist of sensitized/long-term potentiated central sensory-motivating neurons.

You will be informed elsewhere (within ÆPT — possibly not far from here) about the likewise MAD-inspired and in addition "SEPTIC humor" reflecting concEPT that does most 'distinKtly' cover all kinds of circumstantial threats that "traumatize".


Besides, you can use this "most distinKtly SEPTIC humored" concEPT (of approximately only 3 such) to relieve yourself — as I've done — of having to involve the tacky but conventional Freudian term/word "trauma" when thinking, writing or talking about sufficiently closely related topics/aspects of what is going on.


Enough said here and for now about the 'mind-clearing' [or 'cleansing' of mind-muddling verbal-cognitive/word-associations within our brains (or within many a central neural anthropic "actention selection serving" system] concEPT of "Specific circumstantial 'Hibernation' Imploring Threats"!😎

Anyhow, among the different kinds of circumstantial threats of traumatising type that can become conditioned-in and converted to a CURSES (or to corresponding "implicit memories") one example of such threats — and one of those that has contributed to the meaning of "MAD-inspired" — belongs to (or 'is ÆPTly put in') a category of tardily and imperceptively imprinted (conditioned-in) traumatising threats. 


More specifically, I'm referring to a traumatising postnatal deprivation of our most basic, and the earlier the more urgent, of our social need(s) — one that is critically required to be met early on in our postnatal lives — namely the innate requirement to receive reassuring and "neurologically nutritious" (brain development facilitating or 'optimal ontogeny promoting') sensory stimulation through touch and close physical contact.

By the way, all postnatal traumas 'picked up' by people are usually added 'on top of' the neural imprint (a more or less large and highly charged, conditioned state) left behind in persons who have survived the traumatizing predicament or ordeal of being born naturally through the birth canal.

Also of relevance to the meaning of MAD-inspired is that it is known that seriously frustrated social/emotional needs (commonly combined with physical, emotional and verbal abuse) early on in the lives of people can (and more or less obviously does) cause permanent psychological impairment.


For example: As a result of the cold-blooded famous experimentation on very young monkeys carried out by Harry Harlow (in the 40ies), it was shown that the most serious behavioral repercussion (psychoemotional impairment) befell those monkeys who had been most seriously touch-deprived (deprived of mothering); That is, the most "social need deprived" of these monkeys came to exhibit a propensity for spontaneous bouts of rage.

The "implicit memory" (or CURSES) that was left behind in the monkeys' brains as a result of their traumatizing experimental treatment [ÆPTly describable as the "SH imploring threats" that Harlow made them end up under] later became the insidiously motivating source of their later displayed (overt) "neurotic" symptom of spontaneous rage.

That is, a rage not provoked by anything in their immediate environment.