The nuclear arms race shaming acronym for “Mutual Assured Destruction” made a profoundly pleasing and lasting impression on me.

Another factor behind ÆPT, one that provided co-motivational fuel for paying/focusing actention in ways that amounted to a pursuit of a conceptual grasp and understanding of an ÆPT kind, was a since early on conditioned-in neural state (or an accumulation of states) in my central neural Actention Selection Serving System (ASSS). 


Such a state can however also be a source of internal motivation for getting disproportionately and inappropriately "mad" (as in enraged).

In other words, the particular preoccupation and aim that eventually produced ÆPT was co-motivated by a primarily insidious source of co-motivation that sometimes did (and still sometimes does) cause me to "get mad at the drop of a hat". This source is ÆPTly represented by the allusive acronym CURSES. 


A CURSES (or CURSES, plural) gets 'put' (conditioned-in) within an ASSS by a circumstantial threat of SH imploring type. 


By ÆPT definition, a for any reason ended up under SHI-type threat (or a ditto challenge) must in order to be either individually or genetically='group selectively' survived be automatically coped with by means of Specific Hibernation (SH).

Sadly, lifetime challenges of SHI-type have affected, do currently affect, and will in the future continue to affect folk (and other fauna) around the world.


As if in defiance of this easily off-putting ÆPT fact and insight, the EAVASIVE pursuit that braught about ÆPT came to include not only relatively impracticable concEPTs such as "actention", "EAVASIVE", "CURSES", SHI-threats" (and only a few more) but it also resulted in a thoroughly defined 'dogma' 😈 or perhaps better described as a decEPTively daft looking and mirth-inviting ditto motto — one that becasue of the definition it implies is 'relatively deployable' as measuring stick. 

For example, the motto (its implied definition) can be used for assessing (using already available methods) and comparing the ALQwholesomeness of different individual ASSSs (brains), different populations, different sects, cultures or particular cultural practises, and the possible effect on societal ALQwholesomeness of proposed policies. 

This mirth-inviting motto implicitly points hinges on the concEPT of Absolute Life Quality and its hard-nosed and subjectivity snubbing and essentially seriously meant ÆPT definition.

Ideally, this "ÆPT motto" should (ideally) not only be mirth-inspiring but also politically pushed, heeded and practically implemented (i.e. result in ÆPT-aligned realpolitik).

However, since ÆPT came to 'approximately exist' pursuant to idealistic ponderings in a far from ideal world I've quitely entertained myself with the faintly wishful (and almost totally unrealistic thought that there might be a butterfly's wing-flap of a chance that the philanthropic spirit (a philanthropic spirit of a financially frugal kind that tend to be preferred by ALQholists with a 'tight ASSS') of the ÆPT motto may somehow contribute a prophylactic influence on the prevalence of "SHI threats" and, consequently, also a prophylactic influence on the prevalance and average severity of the CURSES that in the future will be incurred.

The many ways in which we humans can be and very commonly are co-motivated by CURSES, and how this our uniquely human characteristic came to exist, is allusively represented by the very pragmatically derived ÆPT acronym EAVASIVE. 


Apropos which: Why it (or anything) exists, and what is ultimately going on, is ÆPTly interpreted 'here'.