The dual ÆPT meaning of "MAD-inspired"

1. The nuclear arms race shaming acronym for “Mutual Assured Destruction” made a profoundly pleasing and lasting impression on me.

2. The 2nd meaning is not at all straightforward in that MAD-inspired now refers to "an endogenously 'pumped' tendency" — one stemming from early on conditioned-in neural state that can sometimes be a source of motivation behind getting disproportionately and inappropriately "mad" (as in enraged) but also, at other times, can provide co-motivational fuel for paying/focusing actention in ways that amounted to on an insight-/understanding-seeking pursuit that led to ÆPT.

So, in other words, the 2nd meaning of "MAD-inspired" is this very close connection between the symptom of "getting mad at a drop of a hat" and a tenacious pursuit of science-aligned philosophical satisfaction.


One or more such conditioned-in endogenous source, and its conditioning (or neural imprint prompting) circumstantial cause, can be (is ÆPTly) addressed allusively and deservedly referred to with two acronyms; Referred to, respectively, as a CURSES or CURSES (same spelling in plural) 'put' by "a threat or threats of SH imploring type". What amongst else is referred to by the concEPT (or ÆPT notion) of SHI threats are lifetime circumstances that cause fundamental social needs going chronically unmet from immediately after birth and throughout infancy and early childhood.

Hence, the roundabout 2nd meaning of "MAD-inspired" also implies that neural messages representing a CURSES (implicit memory of CURSES type) put by a threats of "SHI type" can be kept synaptically blocked, yet can meanwhile contribute motivational fuel for (can co-motivate) a myriad of behaviors or preoccupations aside from focuses of actention in the form of flashes of fury or a pursuit of a science-aligned gnosticism garroting ÆPT grasp and understanding of what is going on.

In the case of ÆPT the truths that were percEPTively tracked and eventually pinned textually down are mainly to do with human evolution and psychology; however, a further 'atheism-cementing' and also effectively philosophy terminating textual conclusion about Ultimate Reality (UR) also became part of ÆPT. [I wrote about UR in normal English. In other words, I did not resort to much or any (?) MAD-inspired acronym-building when I electronically penned the ÆPT take on Ultimate Reality.😉] 


Anyhow, human behaviors can be, and very commonly are, insidiously co-motivated (endogenously so) by CURSES incurred early on.

And of special relevance to the meaning of "MAD-inspired" is that it is known that seriously frustrated social/emotional needs (commonly combined with physical, emotional and verbal abuse) early on in the lives of people can and more or less obviously do cause post-traumatic symptoms.

One famous example:

As a result of the cold-blooded famous experimentation on very young monkeys carried out by Harry Harlow (in the 1940ies), it was shown that the most serious behavioral repercussion (psychoemotional impairment) befell those monkeys who had been most seriously touch-deprived (deprived of mothering); That is, the most "social need deprived" of these monkeys came to exhibit a propensity for spontaneous bouts of rage.

The "implicit memory" (of CURSES-type) that was left behind in the monkeys' brains as a result of their traumatizing experimental treatment [possible to  deservedly refer to in an ÆPT way as the "SH imploring threats" that Harlow made them end up under] became the source of insidious motivation behind the monkeys later "neurotic" symptom in the form of spontaneous bouts of rage.

That is, a rage not provoked by anything in their immediate environment.