An ÆPTly recognized principle of prioritized naturally selective preservation of "ambiadvantageous" mutations" is behind how we "folk" became the by far most potently EAVASIVE species of fauna and thereby also an exceptionally potent threat to ourselves as well as to most other mammals. 

“Circumstantial challenges/selection pressures of Opportunity (O) type have naturally selected (exerted 'O-type' evolutionary pressure) in combination with circumstantial Threat-type challenges/selection pressures of Specific/synaptic Hibernation imploring type also with by survived SHI-threats left behind (conditioned-in) insidious threats of CURSES type.


This particular combination of lifetime challenges/evolutionary pressures can be interpreted as a for a long time in the phylogeny of fauna latent sub-principle of (or sub-heuristic to) Natural Selection that naturally prioritizes the persistence of correspondingly ambiadvantageous[ly adaptive] (concEPTualized thus) mutations and those phenotypes/units of reproduction that carry and express them.

From the ÆPT perspective it appears that this principle and the ambiadvantageous mutations that makes it manifest have become by far most exceptionally realized if not uniquely so in the recent phylogeny of bipedal fauna capable of calling themselves folk.


The concEPT of ambiadvantageous[ly adaptive] mutations does not merely refer to mutations that have provided individuals who pioneered them (and their descendants who inherited them) with a new or increased capacity to survive acutely impacting SHI-type challenges, and to cope with their aftermath in the form of CURSES. 


That is, an individual's synaptic 'sequestration' of excitatory (sensory-motivational) messages prompted by one or more ended up under currently circumstantial threat of SHI-type (neural messages that would otherwise be relayed to fuel a maladaptive response of distress-type) will in most subsequent 'post SHIT' (or "post traumatic" — tackily but conventionally put thus) circumstances (settings or situations) continue to be required a consequence of the "conditioned-in" insidious aftermath of such challenges, namely CURSES.

All neural animals (or at least those with a semblance of a brain) have this ambiadvantageous function built-in; That is, they tend to be able to remain selectively unconscious of (to not pay actention to) many an intractable threat of SHI type and to continue do the same with the respectively incurred CURSES, and to thereby "actend to" and seek to exploit opportunity-type factors in their environment. 

This is only the basic ÆPT meaning of what the concEPT of "ambiadvantageous[ly adaptive] mutations/functions. 

This basic meaning can (and suits) be seen to be a concEPT for an aspect of a most general evolved capacity of complex neural animals. That is, a capacity to in respect of all in parallel sensory detected and registered circumstantial/situational factors/influences — including insignificant ones —  filter out or synaptically block sensory messages that would tend to (would most likely) cause a maladaptive response if allowed to be relayed within the ASSS. 

However, the special meaning of this ÆPT portmanteau term (~ambiadvantageous) does additionally refers to mutations that for the first time and near enough exclusively in the phylogeny of humans (and approximately since our ancestors became perfectly balanced exponents of bipedalism) enabled an on the whole adaptive rerouting of excitatory messages generated by the "implicit memories" at the core of CURSES toward providing a co-motivating contribution to Opportunity exploiting EAVASIVE [i.e. ≥ adaptively neurotic) pursuits/preoccupations/behaviors or (ditto) actentions.

The most compact possible ÆPT way of denoting how our human lineage did, as a matter of an evolutionary principle, turn out to manifest a uniquely versatile, elaborate and exceptionally powerful, type of hitherto adaptive neuroticism might be:


"Opportunity type challenges/evolutionary pressures ∩ SHI-type threats come CURSES → EAVASIVE (≥neuroticism)"  

In other words: An incomparable varied and potent EAVASIVEness is the hallmark of humankind.

For want of a better (more apt) name, the corresponding principle in the phylogeny of fauna might be called: The Principle of Natural Selectively prioritized preservation of ambiadvantageous[ly adaptive] mutations/geno-phenotypes.🤔 

This, for a long time in the phylogeny of fauna latent, potential and principle [sub-principle or sub heuristic of Natural Selection] has naturally prioritized the preservation of ambiadvantageous mutation to such an extent, done so in the recent phylogeny of us folk, that we humans are well characterized — excEPT perhaps too kindly so🤔  — with the concEPT EAVASIVE.

It might be worth stressing and asserting (using larger fonts🤓) that this ÆPTly discovered (or recognized) sub heuristic or sub principle (relative to Darwin's) explains the exceptionally great capacity of us humans to be adaptively neurotic (≈EAVASIVE).