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By SH postponed actentions

Neurons located immediately upstream and downstream of one (or more) by SH affected (thereby prevented from relaying excitatory messages) synapse, can be interpreted as being part of an "actention module" that without the SH would manifest as a maladaptively self-defeating—or sometimes maladaptive by not resulting in a "naturally group selective" self-sacrifice—distressfully 'paid' actention (an actention paid primarily in 'the currency' of neurometabolic resources). 

The ÆPT (abbreviation/expression/pragmatically tailored) notion "SH" (short for Specific Hibernation) refers only to this subset of inhibitory, maladaptive distress avoiding, neural functions.


SH does not refer to inhibitory neural functions that assist our survival by allowing us to avoid becoming maladaptively distracted by innocuous external and internal sources of stimulation. 

Hence, what SH refers to includes (does as generally and as specifically as is realistically possible) an inhibitory/synaptic relay blocking response — i.e. a response specifically to SH imploring threats and to the primarily insidious aftermath that such by ÆPT definition circumstantial threats automatically leave behind in the form of CURSES


CURSES also require us to cope with them if we are to individually survive or survive in a genetic/lineage-lengthening sense.

SH is the component of a CURSES that primarily prevents its excitatory core from being relayed toward its original default destination where it would manifest as some kind of distress-type actention.

A Specific Hibernation (SH) response to a SHI-type threat can therefore can be said to indefinitely "postpone" an actention of "distress type".     

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