Neurons located immediately upstream and downstream of a by SH affected synapse can be interpreted as being part of an "actention module" that without SH would potentially form a maladaptive or self-defeating 'painfully paid' actention.

The ÆPT abbreviation/expression/pragmatically tailored concEPT "SH" (short for Specific/synaptic Hibernation) is meant to refer only to a subset of inhibitory adaptive responses that neural animals have evolved to be capable of.

That is, what SH refers to excludes (does if need be with help of a Tolerance-principled intellectual attitude) inhibitory responses that assist our survival by allowing us to avoid becoming maladaptively distracted by innocuous external and internal sources of stimulation. 


However, what SH refers to does include (does as generally and  as specifically as realistically possible) inhibitory/synaptic relay blocking responses. 


That is, responses (ÆPTly pointed to not with the word "inhibition" but with the here only somewhat metaphorically meant and here quite instructive word "hibernation") that protects from potentially hopelessly (or maladaptively) distress motivating — as in pain motivating (including compassion motivating) and fear motivating — situational sources of stimulation. 

Hence, SH refers primarily to the possibility of a highly specific "synapse gating"  inhibitory function that also results in a relatively metabolism muting post-synaptic effect; A "synapse blocking" function that preempts maladaptive actention becoming paid (in the currency of neurometabolic resources) to both circumstantial threats of SH imploring type and to by individuals' past predicaments or ordeals of SHI-type that automatically conditioned-in CURSES (a corresponding kind of implicit memories). 


It is most important that this most passive and specific possible defensive brain function SH thus allows or can simultaneously assist exploitative pursuits that has a good chance of resulting in a procreation promoting (opportunity-taking) outcome.

'Brain building and behavioral repertoire extending' mutations (not only but most of all pleiotropic such) that as a matter of a sub principle of Natural Selection (a sub principle/sub heuristic that is only approximately and tentatively named by the whole and by a portion of what the concEPT of EAVASIVE stands for) did typically not just make possible new or more versatile behaviors of preoccupations or "focuses of actention" that lead to successful sequestration of sensory stimulation caused by 1. for any reason ended up under circumstantial threats of SH imploring type and 2. CURSES ('implicit memories of CURSES type')! 

That is, such mutations (or mutations that match the this sub principle of especially the phylogeny of us folk) have not just passed the tests provided by lifetime challenges/evolutionary pressures of "SHI type come CURSES type" but they were as if naturally tested by with SHI threat and/or CURSES situationally overlapping environmentally present lifetime challenges/evolutionary pressures of opportunity type. That is, such ambiadvantageously adaptive were by natural selection found to favor the survival of the individual phenotypes that pioneered them.

The kinds of Opportunity type challenges/pressures involved (actually taken and thus actually procreation promoting such) included environmentally present and exploitable opportunities such as e.g. potential mating partners, the opportunity to usurp the territory of neighboring hominids, and much more.