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Please be aware that you might have to (the same as I had to) forcibly deploy a by Heisenberg as if heralded Tolerance-principled attitude in order to accEPT how EAVASIVE 'elastically' pertains to what it does.

Anyhow, EAVASIVE does more fairly (=with very little ballast of derogatory bias) and more deeply and more comprehensively, than does the Freudian word "neurotic", represent an understanding of how we humans evolved to have brains with functures that make us behave (pay/focus actention) in adaptive as well as maladaptive (but of course this far on the whole predominantly adaptive) ways.   

The EA portion of EAVASIVE

The EA portion of the acronym (short for Evolved Ambiadvantageous[ly adaptive] ) represents an ÆPT heuristic (or an explanatory principle/tool for an ÆPT take on ourselves). 


More precisely, the EA portion of EAVASIVE represents the self-evident fact that Nature does — as part of "her" bioevolutionary/naturally selective aspects, including lifetime challenges — juxtapose/combine/overlap more or less directly procreation promoting opportunities with threats of "SHI type" come "CURSES type".

In slightly different words: 

What is to a significant extent naturally concurring/combining/overlapping are selection pressures (again of course including lifetime challenges) of Opportunity-type and not just any Threats but specifically Threats of SHI-type come Threats of CURSES-type.

Therefore, Nature has tended to provide a selective advantage to mutations (or, more precisely and concretely put, Natural Selection has, by far most significantly in the phylogeny of us folk, 'prioritised the persistence' of mutations) that have, correspondingly, conferred ambiadvantageously adaptive (lineage-lengthening) functures/responses/behaviors.

The heuristic explained more precisely: 

Anthropic evolution 'produced', to a unique extent, ambiadvantageous mutations (surely most typically pleiotropic such) that have made it possible for CURSES to become a co-motivating 'fuel' for environmentally present Opportunities to be more or less directly exploited.


Put somewhat differently: 

Ambiadvantageous mutations in our phylogeny have — as explained by the corresponding ÆPT principle or heuristic — paved the way for our uniquely human capacity to convert primarily insidious/threatening CURSES to be (and for having thus far on balance been) a source of co-motivating fuel for directly or indirectly Opportunity-exploiting (procreation promoting or lineage-lengthening) brain functions, behaviors or preoccupations.

A "CURSES" (same spelling in plural) is what gets left behind/imprinted (as if 'put') inside a neural Actention Selection Serving System (ASSS) that has for any reason ended up under and coped with a threat of SHI type.

Not to linger on it, but the ASSS is the least truncated version of this acronymic concEPT. Its most sparsely spelled (or textually tight) version is AS, as it is put to use right in the middle of EAVASIVE.

[By the way, CURSES is the shortest possible version of this concEPT expressed as an ÆPTly allusive acronym. Longer versions are possible but their acronymic spellings tend to look less distinctly allusive although still suitably spooky.] 

The VAS portion of EAVASIVE

The VAS portion of EAVASIVE highlights our uniquely human language-associated/enabled cognitive brain functions and behaviors/preoccupations

The IVE portion of EAVASIVE

The IVE portion of EAVASIVE completes the acronym and serves as an instructive pointer to the widely publicised and informed about endogenous opioids (generally referred to as endorphins) that are an important ingredient of the brain functions that enable "selective unconsciousness/Specific Hibernation (SH)".

What follows is mostly redundant writings about EAVASIVE and related concEPTs. (I might eventually delete it.)  

EAVASIVE implies a fundamental heuristic explanatory principle; one that it is not inEPT to think of as a sub-heuristic or sub-principle of Darwin's (i.e. Natural Selection).

EAVASIVE, the most integrative of all concEPTs, was contrived from the following explicit and implicit ingredients:

The first ingredient: 

It is approximately represented by the first two letters, EA (short for "Evolved Ambiadvantageous{ly adaptive}). "EA" represents the above mentioned sub-principle (or sub-heuristic) in relation to Darwin's "Natural Selection" (NS).


Slightly more specifically, the letters represent that momentous ("selective sweep" causing) and typically pleiotropic mutations of DNA have occurred and conferred new or extra ambiadvantageously adaptive functions. 

More specifically still (according to the schematic ÆPT take on our phylogeny):


Such momentous natural tweaks of DNA in our phylogeny typically gave rise to new or enhanced functions and behaviors whereby environmentally present procreation promoting Opportunities could be and were (more or less directly) exploited with help of thusly originated sources of extra motivation or co-motivation arising within the brain (or ASSS) of individuals who pinoeered these mutations.

These internal sources of ambiadvantageous motivation/co-motivation exist in the form of action potentials generated by the excitatory core of (from SHI-threat incurred) CURSES.


This particular category of excitatory neural messages become significantly influencial via 'non-default' neural connections; "non-default" as in established by neural plasticity in the wake of one (or more) innate or genetically programmed "primal need" is going unmet to an extent that an individually ended up in and survived SHI-type circumstance conditions-in a CURSES.


Such an environmental source of influence and its conditioned-in consequence can be more conventionally described, using an example of the tacky Freudian terminology, as: a "traumatizing" predicament or ordeal leaves behind (conditions-in) a "traumatic" (type of) implicit memory.


By the way, it is a characteristic of my ÆIMC and of my ÆPT take on what is going on that an emphasis is put on our innate "social needs" — only the most basic aspect of which (an aspect that is especially crucial to have met during the most formative early developmental stages of our lives) is to have our sense of touch sufficiently stimulated in a reassuring manner; lest we as infants and young children start to suffer (become distressed) and if such deprivation is too chronic the distress is normally automatically postponed by inhibitory neurons (our neural functions) that establishes a state of "specific hibernation"; a functional ingredient of a CURSES. 

Non-default (neuroses-enabling≲EAVASIVEness enabling) neural connections in the wake of SHI type challenges [connections that may manifest as most sophisticated EAVASIVEness≳neuroticism as well as completely unsophisticated somatic symptoms (of CURSES)] are the result of neural sprouting involving 'competition for neurotrophic factors'. This 'quasi competition' is of course amenable to circumstantial/external factors/influences.

It is via such "non-default" connections that neural signals from the excitatory core of CURSES (what Arthur Janov described as "primal pain") are rerouted or 'siphoned-off' to at best be 'used' in the service of constructive (and ALQwholesomeness promoting/increasing) EAVASIVEness.

Through ambiadvantageous DNA mutations (in our recent phylogeny) emerged new or enhanced ambiadvantageously adaptive brain functions and resulting preoccupations/behaviors did not only serve (still serve) as a way of meeting environmental challennges of Opportunity type. The same brain functions do also, at the same time, supplement a post or presynaptic sequestration of potentially maladaptive distress-fueling output from excitatory neurons at the core of CURSES; sensory-motivational neural messages that would otherwise manifest as a maladaptively "focused/paid" actention of distress-type (from a ditto preoccupation/behavior to a likewise maladaptive inflammatory reaction).

ÆPTly put, the extra motivation/co-motivation behind EAVASIVE behaviors/preoccupations comes from CURSES induced (implicit memories automatically conditioned-in and left behind or thus us as if 'put'👻 by survived circumstantial threats of SHI type💩.

It is important to keep in mind that it is extremely common that the excitatory core of any CURSES (conditioned--in state left behind in a brain or neural actention selection serving system by one or more circumstantial threat of SHI type) is exerting an endogenous pressure that is both neurologic (unconsciously motivating) and still naturally selective (even if we are not able to see how it may shape the future of our species) way beyond the SHI type challenges that 'put' it there are no longer present

An alternative ÆPT spelling of "SHI threats" derived from a more completely explanatory word-string is possible but the resulting acronym is less distinKt (less septic humored). This alternative is "SCHI threats" — with the C standing for "circumstantial".

The by SHI type threats (or ditto predicaments or ordeals) conditioned-in post traumatic (post SCHIT) neural states are are concEPTualized as CURSES (same spelling in singular).

Because of ambiadvantageous mutations in our recent phylogeny (mutations that occurred approximately since our common ancestors looked and behaved similar to chimps) we are uniquely able to as if 'internally tap' a motiviationl/co-motivation fuel from CURSES; do so automatically within our neural actention selection serving systems for use as an extra 'fuel' for taking (or exploiting) environmentally present opportunities — for example environmental features (or factors) such as, not least importantly, potential mating partners. 

Evolutionary opportunities is the primary or leading side of the ÆPTly recognized dialectic dichotomy of 'An Evolutionary Pressure Totality'. This notion is not just possible to apply philosophically to our own evolution (phylogeny) but this simple dichotomy (the leading constructive "opportunity side" of which is ÆPTly thought of as having an dialectically opposing side consisting of always trailing and destructive "threats") can even be used for keeping 'Astrophysical Evolution Philosophically Tidy'😉.

In the phylogeny of fauna (and not least of us folk) "opportunity type evolutionary pressures have been both directly or indirectly procreation promoting, or lineage lenghtening if and when exploited, 'pounced (successfully) on', or "taken".

The neurophysioanatomical functions and evolutionary principle that help to explains why we have the mentalities/psychologies that we have, and display the behaviors (not all of which are adaptive) that we do, are (all-in-all) referred to by "EAVASIVE".

Momentous (selective sweep causing) ambiadvantageous mutations during our relatively recent phylogeny conferred not just a maintained or increased capacity to survive threats of SHI-type but an increased capacity to cope opportunistically with the by  SCHI threat's conditioned-in aftermath (namely CURSES). 


Ambiadvantageous coping with CURSES involves a rerouting of the excitatory neural component of such incurred and primarily insidious states (or "implicit memories").

Any CURSES is primarily threatening even though we human brains can in many enough cases block while making adaptive use of its excitatory core.


"CURSES" is approximately derivable from Conditioned-in Unconsciously Repercussing State/s Effecting Symptoms.

The EA portion of EAVASIVE is a pointer to Evolved Ambiadvantageous[ly adaptive] mutations.


"Opportunities" is the simple and most general meant primary side of a percEPTively noted and ÆPTly denoted (and thus put to autodidactic and didactic use) dichotomy of an evolutionary 'pressures totality' the other side of which is ÆPTly (and very simply) termed "threats". However, the ÆPT emphasis is on threats of SCHI (or SHI) type and the primarily insidious threats in the form of CURSES left being by for any reason ended up under and survived SCHIT.  

Most specifically and most importantly, the EA portion (ingredient) of EAVASIVE refers to that evolutionary pressures/lifetime challenges commonly consist of parallel (or overlapping) Opportunities+SHI type threats; or, even more importantly, consist of Opportunities + one or more insidiously challenging CURSES (incurred from no longer circumstantially present SHI-threats).

"SHI threats" refers to threats of a kind that "implore" to be survived by way of "Specific/synaptic Hibernation" (SH) — do as if any threat 'beg' to not become fatal or procreation prohibiting 😏.]


The next (2nd) implicitly EAVASIVE co-defining ingredient is represented by the third capital; a "V" that might optimally stand for the "v" in "verbal". 

"Verbal" refers to the in our phylogeny most recently added language functions. In other words, in refers to that we have an exceptionally potent talent for (and tendency to) talk and an even more recently added capacity to text.

The genetic changes that led to the human language functions have been found to have occurred from the same pre-evolved genetic base and on the same and along the same or similar developmental changes as those that led to the ability of many birds and some non-human mammals (e.g. elephants, whales and dolphins) who learn their respective non-human languages. It has also been determined that the pre-evolved functures (genetic/ontogenetic/neurophysiological such) that mutated to allow all these animals to learn their respective languages are those that those involved with 'brainy' animals control of their movements.  

Our relatively recently added language enabling functures make us a uniquely powerful [able to strongly impact our environment is a variety of ways] because of their synergy with not uniquely human (pre-evolved and as if 'platform providing') traits such as our stereoscopic vision, bipedalism, and dextrousness. 

When verbal functions arouse in our ancestors, a boost of the already existing "ambiadvantageous" functures was thereby received. Hence the "EAV" portion of EAVASIVE.

The third ingredient of EAVASIVE:

It situated right in the middle of EAVASIVE and is represented by the acronym "AS" — a maximally truncated version of Actention Selection Serving System.

[Of the 3 ways to spell this ÆPT substitute for "brain" only the one with 2 Ss is an clear and unmistakable example of medium strength use of "septic humor".] 

AS is ingredient of EAVASIVE that most intimately ties the ÆPT meaning of EAVASIVE to the conventional notion of "selective attention". 


"Selective attention" and the word "attention" have been ÆPTly amalgamated with the word "activity" (chiefly neural and neuromuscular such), something that gave rise to the concEPT of "actention" or "selective actention". 

Hence, "selective actention" has a meaning with greater breadth and depth (or dEPTh) than does "selective attention".

Long before our ancestors had become 'talkative' they in common with all other mammals mollusks fish reptiles and insects, had functures for (or that manifested as) what is conventionally called "selective attention". 

Selective actention is of course an in most instances adaptive function.

The conventional meaning of "attention" has been ÆPTly re-conceptualized to "actention" with so much more of a meaty and broadened meaning that to "a paid actention" means the same as a state of consciousnessT.

Selective actention still refers (ÆPTly so) to a phylogenetically ancient capability (or functure) that serves as an survival promoting "filter" that only allows some of the by an individual's senses in its here and now registered received circumstantial influences, and it also refers to that the same functure (or combination of inhibitory functions) serves as a filter that basically does entirely automatically select which and how much of in an individual's past circumstantially presented influences (sensorially received, processed, registered and stored such) that are to be allowed to become internally replayed; That is, "replayed" to an extent that in most lifetime settings (or situations) would amount to a maladaptive "focus/paying of actention" (i.e. an active muscular or mental preoccupying replay of stored past experience). 

Some external or internal sources of stimulation — in other words current circumstantial or past (but then stored and since then kept ready to replay/reverberate/repercuss) causes (or sources) of excitatory (sensory-motivational) neural messages — are innocuous and situationally unimportant (or irrelevant) but even relatively innocuous sources of stimulation can be maladaptively distracting if actended to at the wrong time and place. 

In stark contrast it is crucial that selective filtering of neural messages occurs when internal or circumstantial sources of neural stimulation (interoception or exteroception) give rise to excitatory neural messages on the way to result in maladaptive fear/pain/distress.

The by EAVASIVE implied (and by the acronym's ingredients both implied and exemplified) inhibitory synaptic relay-blocking brain functions that specifically protect against maladaptive distress is ÆPTly referred to by the abbreviation "SH".

SH is short for Specific 'Hibernation'.


SH is suitably contrasted with "General 'Hibernation'" (GH) — i.e. seasonally prepared for and entered into dormancy — hence GH refers to both "aestivation" and "hibernation" as the words are meant in a conventional sense. 


"SH" was tailor-made for figuring in an acronym that represents circumstantial threats that by definition can not be adaptively coped with in a way that leaves room for in parallel situationally present Opportunities to be taken (exploited) without an indefinite 'pain/panic/distress postponing' synaptic transmission-"gating" (blocking) function.

The most passive possible synapse-gating SH function is implied by the ÆPT meaning of EAVASIVE; it is because a capacity to most passively possible avoid maladaptive distress is an aspect of neural actention selection serving systems (represented by the AS, not by ASS or ASSS, right in the middle of EAVASIVE). 



The fourth and last ingredient: 

This ingredient corresponds to the last 3 letters of EAVASIVE. 

It is mostly the result of how I met my goal of completing an internally instructive acronym that also had a suitably allusive and also and clearly enough spelled 'semantic surface'. 

Luckily, the widely known and published role played within our psychophysiology by endogeous opiate-like neurotransmission modulating peptides, best and most simply known by the name "endorphins", came to the rescue.

What is achieved by neurons that release endorphins (and commonly also other inhibitory transmitters) is typically an adaptive state of "selective unconsciousness" or, in other words, not a seasonally entered into adaptive state of dormancy in response to hot and dry or harsh wintery conditions but a non-seasonally induced state concEPTualized as "Specific/synaptic Hibernation" (SH). 

"Rerouted" excitatory neural messages are relevant to the meaning of EAVASIVE.

Any highly selective synaptic relay blocking inhibitory neural functions ("highly selective" as in capable of having a very precise response preventing and 'consciousnessT censoring' effect) that stop excitatory sensory-motivational messages en route to an escalating expenditure of primarily neurometabolic resources and to manifest as a maladaptively focused/paid actention of distress-type, are what is ÆPTly referred to as Specific/synaptic Hibernation (SH for short).


Any by definition always circumstantial factors of SH imploring type that are survived because SH blocks the originally stimulated "SHI threat detecting" sensory-motivational neurons' signaling automatically leave behind corresponding CURSES states of indefinitely postponed and as if insidiously lurking sources of potentially maladaptive distress. The very same neurons that detected an in the past survived circumstantial SH imploring threat do subsequently constitute the excitatory message generating core of the CURSES that such threats automatically as if "put" (leave behind in a thus affected ASSS).

However, in us humans actention potentials generated by neurons at the core of CURSES can become 'siphoned off' as extra motivational fuel for (an extra internal fuel being funneled toward driving) behaviors of 'opportunity-taking' character.

Such messages can be siphoned off because of synaptic plasticity such as neural sprouting toward potential synaptic sites where functionally significant synaptic points of contact can be established. Such potential connections can be experientially prompted — e.g. non-default neural connections can result when instinctively prioritized default connections don't get established because developmental needs are chronically deprived.

It is only natural that synaptic plasticity, which involve neural sprouting, does tend, in combination with CURSES, to contribute to and drive EAVASIVE preoccupations or behavior that are not all equally adaptive but that also in many cases behaviors of a bizarre or criminal character. 

Most important for the full heuristic meaning of EAVASIVE is that procreation promoting lifetime challenges/selection pressures of Opportunity type overlap (∩) with "SHI-threats come CURSES" (yes, specifically with those 2 aspects or categories of all possible lifetime challenges of Threat type).

It is through these 3 ÆPTly cut but not greatly polished lingual lenses (Opportunity type evolutionary pressure, and Threats of SHI-type come CURSES-type) that ÆPT light is shone to project a heuristically revealing view of the EAVASIVE aspect of our evolution, behavior (human affairs) and brains.

Other pre-evolved abilities includes things like: A capacity to associate and imagine possible (or likely) circumstantial opportunities and threats; A capacity to discern and remember small differences between sounds — e.g. dogs can identify and learn/assign meaning to words; Stereoscopic vision paired with already great dexterity (both adaptations to an arboreal lifestyle in densely forested habitat); And, last but not least, upright and well-balanced bipedal locomotion.


Of importance to how we now are and behave is that mutations that made our ancestors permanently bipedal also brought about a narrowing of the pelvic region that along with enlarging brains translated into extra SH-imploring threats come CURSES; It did because the 'unavoidable quasi-opportunity' to be born (and give birth) could only be 'haplessly taken' by enduring being under a SHI type threat in the form of an extremely adverse squeezing pressure while passing through the birth-canal. 

On top of a thus incurred (from the birthing process) corresponding CURSES, XXX to make matters worse into a postnatal state of extreme neoteny, hence dependence/self-helpless and vulnerability ending up under SHI type CURSES incurring to; hence an extra likelihood of ending up under SHI threats of a chronically need-frustrating kind.


CURSES do very commonly provide subconscious fuel for distress-evading misplaced or disproportionate EAVASIVE fury as well as for distress-evading philosophizing and a vast variety of other EAVASIVE preoccupations and behaviors — some of which are aggressive and destructive while others are readily socially accepted or even applauded or nice and constructive and generally lauded. 

However, some symptoms of CURSES/EAVASIVE behaviors have no ÆPTly redeeming features and are entirely awful; For example, the EAVASIVE behaviors and preoccupations of serial killers, or preachers of and followers and practitioners of aggressive fundamentalist religions such as, currently most glaringly, Islamist preachers of the Islamic form of religious insanities and jihadists.

The synaptic relay blocking brain function that is ÆPTly referred to with the suitably instructive word "hibernation" (in the abbreviation "SH") protects against maladaptively distress-motivating sensory messages. That is, "maladaptively distress-motivating" sensory messages as in: inflammation-/pain-/fear-motivating AND unfortunately, but naturally, also sometimes compassion-motivating sensory messages because of the legacy of naturally selective situations where a wilting away of a fiendishly fanatic ruthlessness would preclude a successful attempt to exploit (take) the evolutionary/selective/lifetime Opportunity to kill for food, or do so by userping neighboring 'fellow hominines/humans' (for the adaptive gain of possessing their territorial, gathered, cultural, or 'human' i.e. bride-stealable or enslavable, resources. 

Hence, SH refers primarily to the possibility of a highly specific synapse blocking ("gating")  inhibitory function that also results in a relatively metabolism-muting postsynaptic effect. This "synapse blocking" function is one that prevents maladaptive actention becoming paid (in the currency of neurometabolic resources) to both circumstantial threats of "SH imploring type" and to by past SHI type perils (and ditto predicaments or ordeals) automatically caused to become incurred 'imprints of CURSES type'. 

It is important (and of course ÆPT) to understand that this most passive and specific possible defensive brain functional aspect, namely SH, allows or can simultaneously assist exploitative pursuits that has a good chance of resulting in a procreation promoting (opportunity-taking) outcome. It is important because the meaning of the concEPT of ambiadvatageous mutations" 

'Brain building and behavioral repertoire extending' mutations (not only but most of all pleiotropic such) that as a matter of a sub principle of Natural Selection (a sub principle/sub heuristic that is only approximately and tentatively named by the whole and by a portion of what the concEPT of EAVASIVE stands for) did typically not just make possible new or more versatile behaviors of preoccupations or "focuses of actention" that lead to successful sequestration of sensory stimulation caused by 1. for any reason ended up under circumstantial threats of SH imploring type and 2. CURSES ('implicit memories of CURSES type')! 

That is, such mutations (or mutations that match the this sub principle of especially the phylogeny of us folk) have not just passed the tests provided by lifetime challenges/evolutionary pressures of "SHI type come CURSES type" but they were as if naturally tested by with SHI threat and/or CURSES situationally overlapping environmentally present lifetime challenges/evolutionary pressures of opportunity type. That is, such ambiadvantageously adaptive were by natural selection found to favor the survival of the individual phenotypes that pioneered them.

The kinds of Opportunity type challenges/pressures involved (actually taken and thus actually procreation promoting such) included environmentally present and exploitable opportunities such as e.g. potential mating partners, the opportunity to usurp the territory of neighboring hominids, and much more.

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