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Actention modules

"Actention module(s)" implies that approximately every particular temporary preoccupation or behavior that we individually spend neurometabolic resources on, and that occur at or up to and including (or excluding, such as in the case of sleep-walking) some level/"line" of "consciousnessT", depends on a correspondingly different (particular) functural 'pattern' of neural activity in brainspacetime.


(Nothing 'neat looking' was meant by the word "pattern".)

It also implies that excitatory neurons' messages are being relayed across as many different sets of synaptic junctions as there are, or can be, different "paid actentions" or "focuses of actention".

Apropos which: I've read that the approximate and not static number of synapses within a mature human ASSS is a quadrillion (one million billion😲).

A "paid actention module" can be one as relatively complex as the particular pattern of neural activity involved when someone is playing or trying to play something on a violin, or when someone "writes or is trying to write something not inEPT about actention modules".


Anyhow, the (ÆPTly metaphorical) "competition", that mutually incompatible actention modules are as if part of, is one where each of these "modules" as if 'compete for' nothing more than the prize of becoming a temporarily dominant actention module.


In other words, "the prize" in this competition between incompatible actention modules consists of temporarily ceasing to be nothing more than just an abiding physioanatomically available (at least approximately existing prior to eventually, if ever, winning a dominant status) actention module.

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