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The ÆPT definition of
(a maximum of) ALQwholesomeness"

"ALQwholesomeness" is meant to be understood based on the subjectivity-snubbing definition of a maximum of Absolute Life Quality

The definition explains that max ALQ {ALQwholesomeness}* is:
A state that ideally exists within a developing or mature brain if no "ALQ-holes" exist in it.

There are two kinds of ideal prerequisites for an individual having "max ALQwholesomeness". 

One of these is that a maximally ALQ-wholesome individual would never have been challenged by a for any reason ended up under threat that in order to be adaptively responded to required (or, synonymously, demanded or implored) that it be responded to with "Specific 'Hibernation' (SH).

The other kind of ideal prerequisite for a person having "max ALQwholesomeness" is that any genuine CURSES (by ÆPT defintion incurred from a circumstantial threat of SHI type) would ideally have to have been 'dispelled'.

Such an ideal, 'enirely dispelled', state is what would become established if all blocked and delayed responses of distress-type (what is at the core of CURSES) have been safely completed with a non-EAVASIVE involvement of the highest human-specific levels of self-regulatory consciousness. 


By the way, such an ideal "dispelling" would be that all by CURSES (≈postponed states of distress) contributed to somatic and emotional symptoms would cease; and, that CURSES would therefore no longer motivate or co-motivate acquired (learned) behaviors.

Such an 'ideally recovered' person would thereby be freed from having CURSES as a unconscious source of constraint as well as of a source of primarily insidious motivation; and that the person would then also be able to more appropriately evaluate and respond to challenges of opportunity type, as well as to threats, in the person's here and now.


The most systematic approach at achieving such an ideal (hardly ever completely attained) 'fully dispelled' state is provided by Primal Theory and requires a commitment (and overall capacity) to allow a primal-therapeutic self-regulatory process to unfold.

A 'CURSES dispelled' state (=ALQwholesomeness improved state) can also be described (tackily so, by involving the meaning-muddling and 'with derogation flavored' use of the Freudian terminology) as a no longer neurotic or, if more obviously unhinged, "psychotic" state. 

Anyhow, an state of "max ALQ" would ideally exist in an individual brain with no ALQ-holes incurred as a consequence of it having ended up under, and survived, circumstantial threats of "SH imploring type".

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