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"Specific Hibernation (SH) Imploring ("imploring" as in demanding or requiring) Threats.

Threats of SHI-type are, by ÆPT definition, always environmentally presented to and sensed by animals with a neural ASSS capable of sensing such lifetime challenges.
SH refers to a presynaptic or postsynaptic neural inhibition that block the relay of excitatory messages between neurons, thereby maintaining a muted metabolism and an absence, or a significantly decreased frequency, of firing by (postsynaptic) neurons that are part of a to a distress-type response naturally dedicated "actention module". An "actention of distress type" is one that if actually "paid" would primarily be an 'expenditure in the currency of neurometabolic resources'.

With help of this concEPT I relieved myself of having no choice but to use the word "trauma" when thinking/writing/talking about things (or topics) that call for this tacky Freudian term to be used.

That is, the word "trauma" is hardly ever put to use in expressions as precise as e.g. "psychologically traumatizing circumstantial threats", "traumatizing circumstantial challenges", or "traumatizing predicaments or ordeals".

I relived myself by contriving the concEPT of a "specific hibernation (SH) imploring threat" (and ditto threats) — put more compactly and conveniently as (something along the lines of) 'threat of SHI type'.

Another reason why "trauma" is such a tacky term  (not even counting that it is also used as a synonym for physical injuries e.g. "head trauma") is that it is seldom or never used in expressions such as: "traumatically incurred implicit memories", or 'memories of trauma type'.

So, in order to provide not just a memorable 'septic humored distinktion' but also a didactic delineation (or not kosher but ÆPT compartmentalization) in aid of cognitive clarity — I also contrived a (humorless) complementary concEPT, the shortest possible acronymic spelling of which is CURSES

While the thoroughly justifiable expression "SH imploring threat(s)" can of course also be conventionally expressed using the tacky Freudian word "trauma", I hope you too can appreciate and enjoy that it is now possible to relieve oneself of the sloppy 'conventional habit' of using the tacky (meaning muddling) Freudian term.  

What a (by ÆPT definition always circumstantial) SHI threat automatically leaves behind in a neural actention selection serving system (ASSS) that survived it, is ÆPTly referred to as a CURSES.

CURSES is approximately derived from something like: conditioned-in {commonly chronically kept} unconscious{ly} reverberating state(s) effecting symptoms.

"CURSES" is the minimal acronymic spelling of this concEPT.

The same appropriately allusive spelling is used for in singular as well in plural.

It is by far most likely/common that CURSES are incurred early on in our lives.
Because it is then we are most dependent/self-helpless and vulnerable and therefore most likely to end up under 'SHI threats'. 

With the exception of recently possible cesarean births, approximately since our lineage transitioned to fully fledged bipedalism we humans have been 'as if forced to take the opportunity to be born' by running a SHI type gauntlet with brains/heads that are too large to easily pass through a birth canal situated in between pelvic bones that are far more suitable for bipedalism than to a painless passage to a life outside the womb.

After this most regular of SHI-type challenges has been met (but then also caused those of us to that were born this way to incur a corresponding CURSES) our extreme neoteny (extended period of self-helplessness and hence dependence) makes us humans extra likely to end up under further threats of SHI type and thus to incur further CURSES.

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