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In-depth introduction

As far as I know, what is amiss with all politically relevant philosophies, ideologies or perspectives—with the exception of one mainly anthropogeny explaining, prudently textualized (although pertly so in parts) and thoroughly science-aligned atheistic enlightenment promoting take on what is going on—is that they all lack the concept of "Absolute Life Quality" (ALQ) or "ALQwholesomeness" with its approximately quantification enabling definition.

The defintion of ALQwholesomeness is subjectivity snubbing, as rational as currently possible, and beneficial if (ideally) used to gauge/guide policy making/makers.

However, it is 'ÆPTly understood' that it is extremely unlikely that the concept/definition of ALQwholesomeness ever becomes practically applied as part of realpolitik.

The focus of the ÆPT perspective (an effectively philosophy terminating and of course also explanatory philosophy) tends to be kept mainly on ourselves (the only fauna capable of calling themselves "folk") but ÆPT also contains a simple take on Ultimate Reality (UR).

Moreover, the ALQ including "ÆPT world view" can be correctly characterised as "an extended Primal Theory based perspective"; one that most notably contains a "MAD"-inspired terminology—one contrived (pertly so in parts) with a not always realized aim to emulate the aptly allusive, arms race shaming, acronym for "Mutual/ly Assured Destruction".

The ALQ enriched perspective is also characterizable as amongst else (e.g.) 'an evolutionary psycho{physio}logy type' take (on what is going on) or as an 'atheistically enlightened perspective textualised'. 

Given that the concEPT/definition of ALQ (ALQwholesomeness) is sorely unutilised, 

I hope it is more helpful than an hindrance that ALQ appears to have been conceived in a squeaky clean spirit of 'antiseptic' humor.


It appears to have been conceived in such a spirit mostly because ALQ lends itself to be expressed as a mildly mirth-inviting motto (or a decEPTively daft and buffoonish 'battle cry') but either way it is a motto with an in-dEPTh implicit definition.

The ÆPT motto/'dogma' is: "*ALQholism is the best ism!*". 

The serious definition and meaning of ALQwholesomeness centrally involve the likewise ÆPTly defined concEPT of "ALQ hole(s)". ALQ hole(s) is a concEPT that depending on semantic context can be seen as exemplifying either a modicum of antiseptic humor, or, if accompanied by the concEPT of a (neural) "actention selection serving" system (ASSS), it may appear somewhat 'septic (≈sardonically) humored'.

On a completely serious note: 

An "ALQ hole" is a concEPT with a very simple and straightforward neurological meaning/definition; a definition that makes it obvious that the fewer (or 'the greater the dearth of') ALQ holes in a brain, the higher the degree of ALQwholesomeness exists in the corresponding individual. 

The same aspect of ÆPT (i.e. the concEPT/definition of "max ALQ") can of course also be used for assessing (and comparing) the degree of ALQ-wholesomeness of "septs" (meant in the Scottish sense of family/extended family groups), and of sects, cultures, government or nations.

The definition of ALQwholesomeness partly and implicitly also involves an acronymic concEPT almost entirely free of inbuilt acronymic ÆPT pertness, namely CURSES

However, a genuine CURSES is what is left behind by sensory detected circumstantial threats of "SH imploring type".

Here, the "SH"-part stands for the pragmatically chosen expression "specific Hibernation".

Specific Hibernation" (SH) is the result of that a non-lexical but thoroughly justified use has been made of the word "hibernation".

The main purpose of "SH" is to be a pointer to the metabolically muted state in a specific portion of a neural "actention module"—a portion that is precisely what is meant by "an ALQ hole". 

"Specific Hibernation" (SH) also provides a opportunity to better understand what is meant by it; does so by offering a comparison between SH and seasonal dormancy; that is, the fact that animals of some species or subspecies have adapted to seasonally harsh climatic conditions in a manner of 'General Hibernation' (referring to either aestivation or hibernation). 

As was implied above, the definition of ALQ does also entail the almost self-explanatory portmanteau type concEPTs of "actention", "actention modules" (of neural "actention selection serving" systems, or ASSSs for short).  

Yes, ÆPT and the definition of ALQ also involve or imply concEPTs that are more or less sardonically pert; and the fullest context in which to understand ALQ involves all the (3 in total) "septic humored" concEPTs.

[Just a relatively trivial reminder: All acronymic concEPTs have a "MAD-inpired" origin. 

This mainly refers to that some of these concEPTs were contrived with a not always realised aim to be expressible as aptly allusive and somewhat self-defining acronyms in the mold of the arms race shaming acronym for "Mutual(ly) Assured Destruction".]

The concEPT of "an ASSS" is ~50% aptly allusive, and it reflects a 'middling amount' of septic humor. 


"SH imploring threat/s" is a concEPT that would have more definitional precision built-in if written as 'SCHI' (short for "specific *circumstantial* Hibernation imploring threat", which could appear in an expressions such as "a SCHI type predicament or ordeal"). However, the acronymic potential of "SH imploring threat/s" provides a 100% deservedly allusive acronymic potency that would be sacrificed (too diminished or diluted) if it were to include a C (for "circumstantial").

The least 'septic' of the 3 concEPTs exemplifying 'septic humor', namely "RAT neurons", has no apt allusiveness whatsoever but it is nonetheless both somewhat mirth-inviting and co-defining of what is ÆPTly meant by "consciousnessT" and by "a focused and fully paid actention".


It might also be worth repeating that "ALQ hole/s" is a somewhat metaphorical and slightly antiseptic humored (or slightly septic humored if used in semantic conjunction with, or thought of as located in, an ASSS. Anyhow it has a very simple and straightforward neurological meaning/definition.

That is, an "ALQ hole" is caused by what the acronymic concept of "a SH-imploring threats" is defined to mean; and it refers to a neurometabolic consequence of ending up in a predicament of SHI type. It also implicitly refers to an aspect of what a "SHI type terror/predicament or overly onerous ordeal" does as if 'put' or leave behind (automatically cause to be conditioned-in); namely a "CURSES".


"CURSES" is the shortest possible acronym for "conditioned-in, {kept} unconsciously reverberating, state effecting symptoms". (Same aptly allusive spelling in singular as in plural.) 


A CURSES is the automatically conditioned-in aftermath left behind in an ASSS whose individual for any reason ended up under a threat of SHI type and got out/stayed alive. 


More precisely explained: 

An "ALQ hole" is 

1. caused by what the (acronymically expressible) concEPT of "a 'Specific Hibernation' imploring threat" is ÆPTly defined to mean. 

2. an aspect of the automatically conditioned-in aftermath left behind by such a threat—an aftermath concEPTualised as "a CURSES" (same aptly allusive acronymic spelling in plural). 

 The "ALQ hole aspect" of a CURSES is comprised of a relatively low neurometabolic rate being maintained (often for a lifetime) in the portion of a neural circuitry specific to, and required for, an actention module to become a paid/focused actention of "distress type" (the diametric opposite of an actention of "eustress type"); the "hole" refers to the portion (of such an actention module) that is located downstream of where the excitatory messages, sent by the 'SHI-treat detecting' sensory components of such an actention module, are being blocked (or "gated").


P.S. With further abbreviation (extremely pragmatic truncation) "the ASSS" was compressed as tightly as to the letters "AS"; was for the sake of being used right in the middle of the hardest to appreciate and eclectically piece together and most integrative of all the "MAD"-inspired acronymic concEPTs, namely EAVASIVE.

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