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The ÆPT 'dogma'
(or motto)

I would enjoy if people in general would appreciate and adopt and become devotees and fanatic followers of (or addicts to) the thoroughly defined ÆPT dogma "ALQ-holism über alles!" or, in politically correct English, "ALQ-holism is the best ism!".😉

It goes without saying that ALQ-holists are the best "ists".

"ALQ-holism" is an expression conceived in a spirit of 'antiseptic' humor. However, if one assigns a serious meaning to "ALQholism" and "ALQholist" it would be that the expressions refers, respectively, to an understanding of, and to someone who understands, the hard-nosed and subjectivity-snubbing ÆPT definition of "maximum Absolute Life Quality". 

This definition explains that *max ALQ {or max ALQwholesomeness}* is:
A state that ideally exists within a developing or mature neural or brainy animal's central neural "actention selection serving system" [the minimal ÆPT truncation of which appears as ASSS, and the maximal as AS] if no synaptic "ALQ-holes" exist inside it.

Click here to go to the in-dEPTh definition of max ALQ

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