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The ÆPT take on Ultimate Reality (UR) in near enough normal English 

It is ÆPT to conclude that UR is, in a quantum-weird way, a timelessly eternal universa spawning or 'Hilbert space-time hatching' process 'limited by' 1. a virtually (or actually) infinit number of quasi Platonic blueprints for more or less dynamic, and more or less likely but possible, energy patterns, and 2. a smaller infinity of impossible energy patterns. 


Also, it is ÆPT to think that UR is an aimless, erratically energy producing and pattering, timeless tendency.

In fewer words, it is ÆPT to conclude that UR is an energy patterning and (of course) also energy producing background to absolutely everything. Never mind that energy in all its forms evades every (reductionistic and holistic) attempt at knowing what it is or 'consists of'.😐

Moreover, UR is (ÆPTly to be thought of as) a source of universa with different degrees of evolutionary patternability:

That is, it is ÆPT to conclude that only a vanishingly small proportion of the virtually (or near enough actually) infinite number of possible initial cosmological configurations (indicated by string-theory) that UR can produce allows an evolve-ability similar to that of our universe — i.e. an evolve-ability such that bio-evolutionary energy-matter patterning can and will occur in them.

It is totally obvious that UR can and has produced a universe such as our own clearly extremely evolvable one.


Most generally, it is ÆPT to describe (and partly define) "evolutionary change" as a by UR initiated production of most ubiquitous and least complex possible functural energy-matter pattern followed by an increasingly less ubiquitous production of successively more complex energy-matter patterns.

There can be little doubt that any evolutionary pattering trend eventually grinds to a complete halt, and that decay becomes 'the order of the day'.       

In context of this ÆPT take on UR it is tempting to facetiously describe ÆPT as not just any atheistic enlightenment projecting take on what is going on but as a perspective that provides such an extreme philosophical traction that it amounts to an effectively philosophy terminating ‘FOOThold’ (Foremost Overview Of Truth). 😜 

As 'a FOOThold', ÆPT has peripheral ties (necessarily loose ones) to the by far most successful approach at finding a near enough complete and self-consistent mathematical TOE[-hold] on what is going on as far as fundamental physics is concerned.

That is, the science-aligned ÆPT conclusions about UR are tied to clues provided by the most basic geometric-numerical ingredient of string/M-theory (namely the transcendental infinitely long and infinitely irregular number/ratio Pi) and from String Theory's hyper-geometric "Calabi-Yau manifolds" that represent 6 extra spatial dimensions (mathematically meaningful such but hidden from our senses) that imply a virtually infinite number of alternative spacetime geometries or "vacua". 

Hence, the world's smartest theoretical physics professionals are tacitly (and unknowingly) lending support to the simply drawn ÆPT conclusion that UR is bound to be a timelessly eternal and otherwise virtually infinite source of different universa and energy-matter patterns; and to that one of these ultimately possible universa is obviously ours (and manifestly capable of evolving energy-matter patterns such as our own exceptionally EAVASIVE species of fauna).  

String/M-theory is not only a super sophisticated mathematical framework for the science of fundamental physics (one that fundamentally incorporates quantum mechanics) but it is the by far best theoretical candidate for deserving to be called a TOE (Theory Of Everything).

"The ÆPT trinity"😇😈

The ‘ÆPTly proposed’ trinity can be expressed as "Everness, Potentiality and Tendency".

"Everness" = timeless eternity

Potentiality = an effectively Platonic term for the virtually infinite yet also constrained plurality of energy patterns that are ultimately possible.

Tendency = a disposition to generate effects that together with Potentiality provides an energy patterning process that proceeds in the manner of the "Mother of all Methods" (UR's only 'method') — namely 'Arbitrary Error Plagued Trying' (also ÆPTly known as 'Aimless Effect Producing Trialing').

It is (or almost appears) as if Charles Darwin either quasi-plagiarized (or inadvertently tapped into) this most fundamental of all methods. 

As can be gleaned from the above, it is ÆPT to subscribe to the idea of "the multiverse".

That some timelessly eternal multiverse (a serial such if Penrose happens to be right) is what is ultimately going on is self-evident because the universe we live in and sprung from simply can not have popped into existence as a one-off occurrence from actually nothing. 


Accordingly, it is ÆPT to conclude that our universe is the result of a UR whose absolute existence provides, to those of us who are not too inEPT or not too inEPTly EAVASIVE, an effectively philosophy terminating proof of that it is surely not nothing but, likewise undoubtedly, not 'thingy'.

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