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Here ÆPT Insights,
Marketed Conspicuously, are redundantly presented to promote Atheistic 
Enlightenment's Political Targeting and, against all odds, also Atheistically Enlightened People's Takeover😈

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The 'owner' or originator of ÆIMC who is also behind the author_iteratively and copiously written ÆPT contents of this website, named "memes4makingamends", is amongst else an 'ÆPTly EAVASIVE' person who prefers to have your compliments sent to aeimcinternetional@gmail.com

The heady office of ÆIMC Internetional Ptd. Lty. is shabby and so is much of the semantics in ÆIMC's web pages. Therefore, since much cleaning and polishing work remains to be done (even though the essence of the Atheistic Enlightenment Promoting Textual content of ÆPT is largely in place), ​you are invited to support my ÆIMC with accolades & exuberant praise that might encourage attempts at removing sullying signs of dyslexic authoring and other inEPTitudes.


Or, if you detest what you experience here, hurry up to offer me hush money of a sum large enough to distract me and make this home of ÆIMC on the Internet a dormant, far from plush but at least financially flush, Atheistically Enlightening Place. Thanks in advance! 🤑


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