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Welcome to the 'SEPTIC think tank' and "MAD"-inspired 'agency'


Internetional Ptd.Lty.

On the agenda of "ÆIMC Internetional" (ÆPT Insights Marketed Conspicuously on the Internet) there are only 2 aims: 

Atheistic Enlightenment's Political Targeting

theistically Enlightened People's Takeover. 

Of all the conceptual 'meat' (=the conceptual content of ÆPT) behind the No.1 aim of ÆIMC, only one 'muscle' may have enough 'memetic potential' and 'aetiological potency' to have any chance to be put to some worthwhile use.

Aim No. 2 is mere "pie in the sky". 

Much of the redundantly (and too often messily) written examples of this basically serious "meat" was contrived to be expressed as aptly allusive acronyms.

However, 3 ÆPT concepts (or concEPTs) are portmanteau terms; and of those "functure" and "actention" are rather self-explanatory. 


Not so in case of "ambiadvantageous".

It was contrived en route to build what might be the most integrative and demanding of all the acronymic concEPTs, namely EAVASIVE

EAVASIVE was arrived at not only by methods such as sem_antics and "abundant error plagued trials" (Mother Nature's own method—one recognised and made famous by Charles Darwin).

In order for me to combat the semantic and grammatical obstacles against arriving at the goal of constructing an acronymic concEPT as implicity explanatory and aptly allusive as EAVASIVE, I resorted to contriving, adopting, and diligently applying a 'Tolerance-Principled' attitude. 


[Perhaps, some recEPTive intercEPTee would be able to find EAVASIVE to be almost as accEPTable a concept as I do by utilising/applying the same Heisenberg-heralded strategy/Tolerance principled attitude?]


Anyhow, I come to agreeable enough philosophical terms with it.


"Ambiadvantageous" refers especially to mutations that manifest as adaptive behaviors (and functures) that involve CURSES as an in our recent evolution on balance advantageously motivating, or co-motivating, factor. 

Furthermore and finally (for now), the ÆPTly defined and closely related meanings of ambiadvantageous and EAVASIVE are mainly to be understood in context of the emergence (in our recent phylogeny) of our language functions and the recently reported finding that "Human TKTL1 implies greater neurogenesis in frontal neocortex of modern humans than Neanderthals"


Our language functions are of course involved in much more than hypnosis as entertainment or used as a clinical tool. 


Taken together, our languages is a direct consequence of mutations (possible not very many such) in our recent phylogeny; mutations that combined with and as if leveraged (but to some extent also masked) relatively recent but prior mutations that provided non-verbal/lingual cognitive functions we have in common with our non-human simian cousins. 


Further back occurred mutations (that happened in the genetic lineage shared by most mammals) did surely also confer some cognitive functions that we share with other kinds of animals. 

Moreover, the possibility of convergent evolutionary developments allows one to surmise that we might share some cognitive function also with cephalopods.

The primary result of our human-specific lingual functures arising in our phylogeny was that they brought extra means of exploiting environmental opportunities that were present within their extended family groups of origin. 


Most importantly, some such mutations were successfully pioneered through the taking of opportunities in context of "sexual selection" — an aspects of natural selection that of course played out within the extended family group(s) where these momentous (=selective sweep causing) mutations initially manifested or were 'premiered' by "ambiadvantageously endowed" individuals.

How these mutations played out—by making their pioneers attractively impressive to potential mating partners and demotivatingly impressive to mating rivals—can be easily enough imagined; hence I will not 'write a screenplay' about it here.    

Only one of the acronymic ÆPT concepts (MAD-inspired concEPTualisations) is nothing but inappropriately allusive looking.

However, luckily, this very simple and silly-looking (but under the surface seriously meant) concEPT (namely "RAT"-neurons) is nonetheless laughable or mirth-inviting!

"RAT-neurons" is also the mildest example of the only 3 (official) examples of "septic" ÆPT (or "sæptic") humor".


[The "septic" (sort of) ÆPT humor is not to be confused with the tongue-in-cheek expression "SEPTIC think tank" which was frivolously cooked up in order to imply that ÆPT is by earnest intent a science-aligned atheistic enlightenment providing take on mainly (not only) ourselves. Hence, what the acronym in the expression stands for is not jocular in the slightest, and not meant to be counted as one of the acronymic concEPTs at the atheistic enlightenment promoting/truth-exposing core of ÆPT.]  

The 'ALQholistic' aspect of ÆPT

The concEPTual ingredient of ÆPT that is least unlikely to become appreciated implemented (and worthwhile) is the thoroughly defined, hard-nosed and subjectivity snubbing concEPT of "Absolute Life Quality" (ALQ).

ALQ (or ALQwholeseomeness) is apparently a concEPT—or one such that can easily be claimed to have been—steeped or conceived ('concEPTualised') in a spirit of "antiseptic" humored jocularity.

A consequence of the "antiseptic humored aspect" of ÆPT is that the most important aim of ÆIMC is to apply "ALQholism encouraging" pedagogical tactics, and to promote an ALQholistic ÆPT attitude to, and understanding of, ourselves. 


Ideally (not realistically), the minds of policy-makers are to become intercEPTed and influenced by ÆIMC Internetional Ptd. Lty. (by 'ÆPT insights marketed conspicuously' on the Internet) in order to measurably raise the average degree of human societal ALQwholesomeness.

A small but nice side-effect of realising at least something of the anthropocentric aim of (my) ÆIMC would be an elevation of the degree of ALQwholesomeness (≅less ALQ holes) in the brains (neural actention selection serving systems) of the sentient animals that we humans have domesticated and exploit in various ways.

There are too many-to-mention examples of callous treatment of sentient non-human animals by individuals of the only fauna capable of calling themselves "folk".😒

Please note that on smartphones the list of ÆPT contents is only made visible by clicking on the small stack of horizontal lines at the top and to the right on this homepage and on every other page of this website.

About he whose ÆIMC it is + his email address

The owner and originator of ÆIMC (the person responsible for copiously righted and redundantly written contents of this website) is an EAVASIVE person (obviously 'ÆPTly' so, but also in other ways) who prefers to have your compliments sent to

Or, if you detest what you experience here, hurry up to offer me hush money of a sum large enough (similar in size to what my ÆIMC may extort from, or is 'hopefully' being sent as a gift by, Soros and Gates) to distract me and make this home of ÆIMC on the Internet a permanently dormant, far from plush but at least financially flush, Atheistically Enlightening Place. Thanks in advance! 🤑

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