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The 2 sorts of ÆPT humor: "septic" humor and "antiseptic" humor

ÆPT became injected and fertilized with 3 instances of septic humor, only one instance of which is a most distinKtly apt example of this sort of sardonic (~sÆPTic~) jocularity.

A few other concEPTs that nicely conterbalance the septic humored ones were conceived in a squeeky clean spirit of antiseptic humor.


I would have consistently put the letters of "septic" (as in "septic humor") as capitals in order to serve as an approximately acronymic indication of that I've aimed to keep ÆPT as snuggly as possible aligned with (by) Science established pointers (or principles) that inform cogently", if it were not for the fact that "antiSEPTIC" would appear to be a contradiction of this aim.

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