It is ÆPT to liken a brain (i.e. a neural Actention Selection Serving System, accEPTably truncated as tersely as to the letters "AS" placed right in the middle of EAVASIVE) to a "competition" (one between adaptively and functionally incompatible mutually inhibitory actention modules) for nothing more than 'a prize' that merely consists of becoming an actention module that has been situationally granted a temporarily dominant status within the ASSS.

The cost of such a metaphorical prize (one that allows an actention module, e.g. one that is as complex as playing or practising violin, to cease being nothing more than just an abiding actention module) is paid in the primary currency of neurometabolic resources. That is, the prize paid for becoming a temporarily dominant actention module is primarily paid for in this 'currency' regardless of what kind of behavior or preoccupation that a paid actention module manifests as. 

The metaphor also comprises a notion of 'a cheering and booing audience'. This aspect of "the competition" can be consider to include current circumstantial influences, recent and distant individual-historical past circumstantially presented challenges (including epigenetically passed on such challenges —passed on to one or two perhaps somewhat further generations of offspring), and finally also naturally selective milieu factors that presented lifetime challenges that in the phylogeny of fauna affected and were obviously sufficiently met by each and every one of our ancestors.