"Actention" is a self-explanatory portmanteau term of ÆPT origin. So I run the risk of insulting many an intercEPTee if I explain that it is an amalgam of the words "activity" (any kind of behavioral such) and "attention".

Every single engaged in behavior or preoccupation is an actention. E.g., running or day-dreaming are actentions "paid" primarily in the 'currency' of — or such or any other actention can be thought of as "focuses of actention" that are fueled most immediately by neurometabolic resources.

"Actention modules" is a concEPT which implies that every different temporary preccupation or neuromuscular activity or behavior (that we as individuals spend primarily neurometabolic resources on) temporarily exist as a correspondingly different pattern of neural activity (including excitatory neural/neurohormonal  messages being relayed) in 'brainspacetime'.